We are communication experts.

Our team has more than 100 years of experience combined in public relations, TV, and radio broadcasting, print journalism, media training, and social media. We pride ourselves on being able to create written and multimedia pieces that capture the vibrancy of our campus, while telling the UWG story for a variety of audiences.

We lead media relations.

Our experts provide client writing, editing, and content development. We work daily on a local and national scale to publicize all aspects of the university through media outlets.

We develop and pitch stories.

Our Communication Services team members write, edit, and pitch stories based on inherent news value, potential for national and major regional coverage, and alignment with UWG’s strategic priorities in an effort to enhance and validate reputation. Here are some examples of priority pitches:

  • Faculty and student research
  • Economic development
  • Community and regional impact

Whether it’s writing or covering an event, the Communication Services team is here to assist you in showcasing the remarkable achievements of UWG students, faculty, staff, and alumni. Below are some examples of events that require UCM involvement:

  • Major entertainment events that appeal to the public at-large
  • Lectures that appeal to a broad audience beyond UWG students, faculty, and staff
  • Student, faculty, or staff deeds that showcase UWG as the best place to work, learn, and succeed
  • Innovative programs, pedagogy, etc. that promote UWG's academic excellence and community engagement

We provide insight.

UWG News is a product of University Communications and Marketing. Content for UWG News is produced, written, and edited by the University Communication Services team. We manage the UWG News website, weekly faculty/staff Work West Bulletin email, and the university’s Points of Pride, providing our community and the media with the latest UWG news stories, as well as feature content and videos. 

The final decision for what news stories are published on the university’s homepage is at the discretion of the Communication Services team. Below are a few tips for what makes an ideal homepage story:

  • Meets one of the four strategic imperatives
  • Appeals to a broad audience
  • Contains local and national impact
  • Carries newsworthy content
  • Contains great visual or includes a high resolution photo and/or video

If you have questions or an idea for a story, please submit a request.

We also produce UWG Magazine, an innovative and engaging storytelling platform that allows us to bring the exciting happenings at UWG to you, the reader. Students, alumni, parents, community members, and faculty and staff can all connect and engage with your UWG.

You can look forward to articles about undergraduate and graduate research, one-of-a-kind and groundbreaking programs, academic triumphs, and institutional success. We hope you enjoy the new direction we are taking with this publication. After all, it is all part of our vision to show everyone why UWG truly is the best place to work, learn, and succeed.

We engage in challenge communication.

We help identify and analyze complicated issues that have potential negative impact on the university’s reputation and develop strategies to ensure that clear, consistent, and accurate messages are communicated to the right audiences.

When challenges arise, all media calls or requests for information should be forwarded to Jami Bower, Associate Vice President for Communications and Marketing. Working with university leadership, campus police, and site managers, she will gather and verify information about each challenge and develop strategies for how information is to be released, who should speak for the university, and what audiences should be notified.

We provide social media consulting and management.

We engage audiences online through various channels, including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube. We welcome an opportunity to help you develop effective and meaningful conversations on a variety of social media platforms, while understanding what platforms and messages resonate with your key audiences.

All social media accounts should be registered through UCM. 

We offer media training.

Our team is qualified to provide first-hand training and assistance to units seeking news coverage or that are responding to media inquiries. Our training builds on the expertise of UWG faculty and staff while assessing the best outlets for media relations within the context of the university’s mission and strategic plan.

We keep a fast pace.

If you are interested in utilizing our services, please submit a request for event coverage at least two weeks prior to the event date. Providing details such as day, time, location, event coordinator contact, and any links with additional information up front decreases the time it takes to publish a story.

Every story requires an image. Please submit high resolution images only when you submit your request, and if you need a photo submitted, please make sure that is indicated in your request.

We want to see you succeed.

Have an internal event coming up? Let's talk about engaging your intended audience beforehand with a few tips for making your internal event a success:

  • Make use of your social media platforms. It is the number one tool students use to receive news.
  • Update your department's/college's calendar of events often and post it to your website. If anyone knows you are having an event but needs clarification on when or where, this is the first place they will check.
  • Start publicizing your event at least two weeks ahead of time.

Now, how can we help you?

Are you looking for help or ideas in developing a communications and marketing strategy for your programs? Would you like an event covered for the purpose of writing a story? Do you have an outstanding student or member of the UWG academic community who has a great personal or academic story? Do you need assistance in talking to the media or attracting publicity to a broad audience? Do you need assistance to better utilize social media platforms to connect to your target audience?