The University of West Georgia is committed to treating all members of our community fairly. The primary goal of this commitment is to allow community members to share concerns and grievances to the appropriate office and to have their concerns heard in a fair and impartial manner.

This page has been developed to assist the UWG Community in submitting complaints or appeals and to direct them to the most effective venue for accurate information and resolution. The University of West Georgia’s general policies for complaint resolution can be found in the Policy Library at

Resources for Concerns and Appeals

UWG Cares

UWG Cares provides a form to allow any person to report concern about a student at the University of West Georgia.  This form is not for critical emergencies, critical emergencies should be reported to the police at the time of the incident.  Otherwise UWGCares reports will be reviewed during regular business hours and routed to the appropriate office for outreach.  UWGCares reports can be filed anonymously using


The Office of the University of West Georgia’s Ombuds is a confidential, impartial, and independent conflict resolution resource. The services of the Ombuds are available to all members of the university community: students, faculty, and staff. Whether it is your first step or your last resort, you may contact the Ombuds when regular channels have failed to bring resolution to your problem or when you are not certain what step to take next.

Student Complaints and Appeals

Individuals may submit a written appeal, grievance, or complaint to the appropriate office. Staff within those offices have the knowledge and training to address the matter in a professional and collaborative manner for each individual case. Complaints covered by policies already in place should be directed to the appropriate office. Please see the list and the links below.

Complaints/Grievances from Faculty or Staff

Complaints and grievances by a faculty member or an employee should always begin with the complainant’s immediate supervisor.  If satisfactory results are not obtained, the employee should seek the next level of supervision to address the complaint.  Reporting to the Provost or Human Resources is available once all other redress levels have been completed.  

All complaints involving an alleged Civil Rights Violation must be reported directly to the Office of Title IX and Equal Opportunity. Any individual has the right to submit a complaint to the Office of Title IX and Equal Opportunity, even if they are not a member of the university community.