The mission of Planning and Construction Services (PCS) is to provide architectural, engineering, and project management services to our Campus Community in a professional, efficient and effective manner. Our staff is trained to provide quality work with customer satisfaction as our goal.


Project Spotlight

Planning & Construction Services offers a variety of project management services and is involved in a broad range of construction activity on campus.  Please see links below for information on a selection of these projects.

Current Projects 

Past Projects

Upcoming Projects

Project Requests

Projects involving change of use, design, planning, or construction of campus facilities are initialized through the submission of a Space Allocation Request or Project Concept Request via CoreIntegrator.  Initiators should submit if the request meets one of the following:

Space Allocation Request
 - For changes to use, configuration, or allocation of spaces 

Project Concept Request - For renovation, new construction, or space-modifying project activity.  

Please contact with questions.