Resources for Budget Managers

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Position Management Resources

The "Reports To" list outlines position titles, numbers, and supervisors for all UWG employees, and job record numbers for students. This report is updated every Monday morning.

Here is some helpful information for determining if you need to make a change to a Reports To Supervisor.

Reports To/Supervisor Changes: 

  • Supervisors (Reports To) of positions are based on the organizational structure of a department, unit, or division, and who employees would work under on an organizational chart.
  • Unless a reorganization is occurring, there is little need for a Supervisor change to occur.
  • When you think of a Reports To Supervisor, think of the person that would fill out an employee's performance evaluation.  This is sometimes different than who would approve the time cards.
  • Reports To Supervisor information is tied to a position and not an individual.
  • Reports To changes are generally not necessary if a position becomes vacant.

Time Approvers: 

  • Time Approvers are responsible for approving leave requests in addition to hourly employee time cards.
  • Unlike Supervisors, Time Approvers are tied to a person and not the position.
  • When a Time Approver leaves the university or is out of the office, a new Time Approver needs to be designated.

For common change scenarios, please see matrix below: 

Reports-To Supervisor & Time Approver Common Scenarios Matrix (31.8K, PDF)