University Writing Center Policies

Need Help?

The University Writing Center exists to help students with the writing process; therefore, our faculty, graduate, and student assistants help students in all areas of that process. They can advise on the following:

  • problems and concerns with developing a thesis,
  • organizing essays and structuring paragraphs,
  • writing effective sentences,
  • incorporating transitions,
  • addressing issues relevant to plagiarism, and
  • any number of additional elements involved in the writing process.

Tutors are not responsible for proofreading.

What should I bring?

Students should bring the following with them when they arrive for an appointment:

  1. the assignment sheet or topic,
  2. writing materials,
  3. any writing completed thus far, and
  4. an agenda that enumerates or articulates the tasks to be accomplished during the session.

If a student does not have anything to work on, the tutor reserves the right to refuse the session.


  • The staff of the University Writing Center encourages students to make appointments two-to-four days prior to being seen. If for some reason the appointment needs to be canceled, we ask that the student notifies the front desk 24-hours in advance.
  • All appointments with a University Writing Center tutor must be made by calling, e-mailing, or stopping by the Center; students cannot make appointments themselves via EAB Navigate. The University Writing Center reserves the right to cancel any appointment not made directly through the Center itself.
  • All appointments must be made by the student who will attend the session. Appointments may not be made by friends or parents.
  • Sessions are typically thirty minutes in length. ESL students, students with a documented learning disability, and graduate students can have appointments that extend to an hour, if requested.
  • Students arriving more than ten minutes late forfeit the appointment and are considered a no-show. Three no-shows during the semester will result in a referral to Academic Coaching in the Center for Academic Success. The student will be required to have a session with an Academic Coach before they are invited back to use the University Writing Center's services.

What is expected?

  • We reserve the right to terminate a session that is not productive, and we will not issue verification slips for the appointment.
  • Tutors also reserve the right to terminate a session if the assignment is due within two hours of the appointment time.
  • Students may be dismissed from the University Writing Center if they exhibit behavior that disrupts the learning environment of others. Such behavior includes, but is not limited to, speaking disrespectfully to the staff, tutors, and/or to other students. Each dismissal of this kind will count toward the no-show policy.
  • While the University Writing Center tutors will help with essays and writing assignments from any class, they are unable to assist students who are working on take-home or out-of-class exams. Doing so would be considered cheating on said exam.


On occasion the recommendations from a tutor may, for numerous reasons, contradict those of the professor. In these instances, the policies and procedures of the course instructor are the default position.

The University Writing Center is not responsible for the final grade on any written assignment, nor are we responsible for students not implementing and/or incorporating the tutor's recommendations for any assignment.