TeachLivETM is a new and innovative way of helping teacher or counselor candidates prepare for challenges they may face in future classrooms, and helping active teachers adjust to the ever changing world of education.

The TLE TeachLivE™ Lab, developed at the University of Central Florida uses state of the art technology creating a virtual classroom with five very different students.  Each student has their own distinct personality, based on Long's Adolescent Psychological Profile, and it is up to the participant to get to know and learn about these students. Each session is unique and personal, because students do not remember past sessions. This program features a middle school classroom, a high school classroom, an ELL (English Language Learners) classroom, an inclusion classroom that features Austin, a child with autism, TeachLivE Español (TeachLivE entirely in Spanish), and an adult avatar. This program is so versatile it can be adjusted to meet any needs within the College of Education and possibly many more Colleges within the University System.

The students, Sean, Ed, CJ, Kevin, and Maria are completely unique in every way. These students do not represent every student a teacher or counselor may face in their years within the school system, but their personalities are representative of what is found in a typical classroom environment. Each child has an extensive back story and the more the participant uses TeachLivE the more they will know about each child.