Health and Community Wellness 

The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) with a major in Health and Community Wellness prepares candidates to work in health and wellness settings. The mission of the health and community wellness program is to provide high-quality professionals for employment in worksites such as fitness centers, hospitals, schools, and many other settings around the nation. Through program courses and service-learning experience, candidates are prepared to help people, organizations, and communities change lifestyle behaviors with the goal of moving toward a state of improved health, resulting in decreases of chronic disease and health care costs.

Students have the option of taking 15 credit hours of electives or choosing to minor in one of several fields including Biology, Business Administration, Environmental Studies, Management, Marketing, Mass Communications, Psychology, Sociology, and other approved minors.

  • Undergraduate Program Information

    The B.S. degree with a major in Health and Community Wellness will:

    • provide an educated workforce who are prepared for the wide range of career options in the health and wellness industry.
    • provide an interdisciplinary curriculum offering a broad scope of preparation across disciplines in counseling, physical education, health and special education.
    • provide flexibility of coursework to allow students to customize their program in preparation for advanced (graduate) study in a related field of interest.
    • contribute to the health and wellness of citizens working and living in Georgia, through a highly skilled workforce.
      Student learning outcomes:

    Students will be able to identify and evaluate various social problems within the community and take on leadership roles to develop and implement behavior modification techniques and other effective healthy solutions

    Students will have the foundational knowledge of human anatomy, lifespan development, and educational psychology needed to be successful in a community education and care or fitness and wellness leadership profession

  • Program Sheet
  • Degrees Granted
    • 2020


      • Spring: 40 degrees granted.
      • Summer: 21 degrees granted
      • Fall: 29 degrees granted
    • 2019


      • Spring: 25 degrees granted
      • Summer: 4 degrees granted
      • Fall: 26 degrees granted
    • 2018


      • Spring: 21 degrees granted
      • Summer: 9 degrees granted 
      • Fall: 16 degrees granted
    • 2017


      • Spring: 14 degrees granted
      • Summer: 5 degrees granted
      • Fall: 5 degrees granted
    • 2016


      • Summer: 1 degree granted
      • Fall: 4 degrees granted
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