Director's Corner: Musings & Guidance for Our Students

How to be in graduate school, and how to be with one another in that endeavor, is a very personal and sacred thing. Click below to read some musings about the graduate school project from the present MA program director, someone involved in graduate teaching and learning for over 30 years. Feel free to view the PDF version by clicking the button below, or if you would like to download the Director's Raps then click here.

M.A. Student Resources

Are you looking for a course overload form, class waitlist link, travel reimbursement form, or instructions and forms related to independent studies? Are you looking for guidelines on doing a thesis, or on preparing for the exit exam? Browse here for all… 


Assistantships, Awards, and Scholarships

Looking for help in supporting the expenses of your graduate education? Click below for more information about departmental and university assistantships, and descriptions and application details regarding two endowed awards, the Mike Arons Scholarship and the Jim Thomas Scholarship.