The College of Science and Mathematics offers undergraduate degrees in all of its departments. Many of these programs have multiple tracks of study available. Please explore the options below to find out more. 

  • Bachelor of Science in Biology
    B.S. Degree with a Major in Biology

    Our B.S. in Biology has three tracks from which to choose; General, Pre-Professional, and one focused on Secondary Education.  A Biology degree endows students with a strong and diversified background in modern biology, and the ability to demonstrate proficiency with the fundamentals in three key areas within the discipline of biology: cell and molecular biology, organismal biology, and ecology and evolution.  Our degrees also help students to develop critical-thinking and problem-based learning skills, the ability to evaluate scientific investigations and the ability to assess, interpret, and understand data and its meanings. Our qualified faculty help students develop the ability to communicate scientific ideas in both written and oral formats, and the ability to research and organize scientific ideas in written or oral presentations. 

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  • Bachelor of Science in Chemistry
    B.S. Degree with a Major in Chemistry

    The B.S. with a Major in Chemistry degrees, Option A (Concentration in Applied Chemistry) and Option B (Concentration in Biochemistry) are approved by the Committee on Professional Training of the American Chemical Society (ACS). This formal recognition means that the department has the faculty, curriculum and the instrumentation necessary to provide a quality education for undergraduate students. Graduates of this approved program are certified by the American Chemical Society.

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  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
    B.S. Degree with a Major in Computer Science

    The program provides students with computer science foundations and cutting edge technical skills needed to succeed in today's Information Technology job market. The program also provides an excellent basis for graduate education in CS and other disciplines.Our undergraduate B.S. in Computer Science program is accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET,  

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  • Bachelor of Science in Geography
    B.S. Degree with a Major in Geography

    Geographers study interactions between: people and places, society and natural environments, and local and global processes.  They also investigate the influence of space (e.g. distance, locale or setting, boundaries, etc.) on social and physical processes.  Therefore, most geographers begin answering questions about Earth’s phenomena by endeavoring to understand locations of particular things, why they are there, and how they got there.  Our undergraduate B.S. in Geography program has four directions from which to choose; Human Geography, Physical Geography, Environmental Sustainability, and Geographic Information Science.

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  • Bachelor of Science in Geology
    B.S. Degree with a Major in Geology

    Geology is the study of Earth including its structure, the materials of which it is composed and the processes that shape it. Geology is also concerned with the history of Earth and its life forms, the application of geologic knowledge to the search for natural resources, and understanding how humans interact with our physical environment.  It is the study of rocks, minerals and water; of fossils, shorelines and mountains; of earthquakes, volcanoes and landslides. Although geology incorporates elements of chemistry, biology and physics it puts them together in a way that provides a unique framework for understanding planet earth.

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  • Bachelors of Science and Arts in Mathematics
    B.S. and B.A. Degrees with a Major in Mathematics

    The Department of Mathematics offers two degree programs in mathematics: the Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and the Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics. The department also offers a Minor in Mathematics. The Bachelor of Science degree program has four plans, each designed for specific career goals: Plan A, the Traditional Track; Plan B, the Applied Mathematics Track; Plan C, the Statistics/Actuarial Track; and Plan D, the UTEACH Secondary Education Track. The student’s advisor will help the student choose the best track, based on the student’s interests. The Bachelor of Arts degree program is designed for students seeking employment in government or business, or those desiring further study in mathematics.

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  • Bachelor of Science in Physics
    B.S. Degree with a Major in Physics

    The Department of Physics offers a complete undergraduate curriculum in physics as well as courses in physics and astronomy for those who are majoring in other disciplines. Well-equipped laboratories and computer facilities are available. The department operates the University of West Georgia Observatory for astronomy classes and for general public observing sessions. We also have several photographs available taken through our telescope and of our Observatory.Physics is the most fundamental of all the sciences because the ideas of physics underlie the other basic sciences as well as engineering and modern technology. The world of physics ranges from the smallest particles of subatomic matter to the galaxies. Physicists conduct research into the fundamental laws of nature or use existing knowledge about the physical world to develop applications and to design new products. A degree in physics prepares the student for a career in physics or related job in industry, a governmental lab, teaching, as well as for further graduate study.

    The faculty consists of physicists, dedicated to quality undergraduate education and to the advancement of knowledge in physics. They actively pursue research in their subject areas both on campus with UWG students and in collaboration with colleagues at other institutions.

    The physics program offers seven plans leading to the B. S. degree in physics, as well as a minor in physics.

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