• The Gordon Watson Awards

    The Gordon Watson Awards

    These awards are presented annually to the outstanding students from academic disciplines in the Humanities. Recipients must have a declared major in the field of the award, superior academic achievement, demonstrated leadership ability, potential for development in the respective academic discipline and active involvement in extracurricular activities. The award was established in memory of the late Bailey Gordon Watson, first head of the English Program at West Georgia.


    2020: Nathan Azarowicz
    2019: Avery Stanley
    2018: West Poindexter
    2017: Maria Constanza Garrido Sierralta
    2016: Alex Clark
    2015: Jessica Holloman
    2014: Annthony Duffey
    2013: Joshua Moore
    2012: Savannah Bergevine
    2011: Kevin King
    2010: Alice Barker
    2009: Philip Brewer
    2008: Charles Bauch
    2007: David Ellis
    2006: Michelle Fellows
    2005: Michelle Fellows
    2004: Nicole Walker
    2003: Melissa Reeves
    2002: Melissa Reeves
    2001: Brooks Edwards
    2000: Carla Willis

  • The Burdett and Shirley Wantland Philosophy Scholarship

    The Burdett and Shirley Wantland Philosophy Scholarship

    This scholarship was established by the members of Liberty Christian Church in honor of Burdett and Shirley Wantland's dedicated leadership of the church and their service to the University of West Georgia. It is awarded to a junior or senior philosophy major with religion emphasis who has a 3.0 minimum cumulative GPA.


    2020: Brian Steward
    2019: Brieana Roberts
    2018: Alex Pelaez
    2016: Alex Clark
    2015: Avery Kelly
    2014: Matthew Soulsby
    2013: Joshua Hoffman
    2011: Jacob Morton
    2010: Charles Garcia
    2008: Christopher Pollard
    2007: Christopher Pollard
    2006: Matt Lewis
    2004: Ginger Evans
    2003: Andrew Giles
    2002: Sonya Martinear & Brooks Edwards
    2001: John Huffman
    2000: Andrew Huggins

  • The Best New Philosophy Major Award

    The Best New Philosophy Major Award

    This award recognizes a student who has declared a philosophy major within this academic year. It is based on performance in philosophy classes, contribution to the major, and promise as a successful philosophy student.


    2020: Brant Entrekin and Emily Tillman
    2019: Tsion Gedion
    2018: Ryan Dietz and Brie Roberts
    2017: West Poindexter
    2016: Maria Constanza Garrido Sierralta
    2015: Alex Clark
    2014: Jessica Holloman
    2013: Josue Piniero
    2012: Micah Dickie & Alex Richardson
    2011: Savannah Bergevine & Ryan Washington
    2010: Kevin King
    2009: Alice Barker & Geoff Lundeen
    2008: Anna Potter
    2007: Charles Bauch
    2006: David Ellis
    2005: Jacob Earl
    2004: Michelle Fellows
    2003: Laurence Skirvin
    2002: Richard Cabe
    2001: Melissa Reeves
    2000: Jacob Kines

  • The West Georgia Philosophical Society Essay Prize

    The West Georgia Philosophical Society Essay Prize

    This prize is for an essay of 5-7 typed, double-spaced pages on any philosophical topic submitted by any student. The essay must be submitted to the Philosophical Society Executive Committee through the Philosophy Program office. One winner will be selected to receive a $25 prize. A runner-up (no cash prize) may also be selected.


    2018: West Poindexter
    2016: Aaron Weddle
    2015: Jessica Holloman
    2013: Alex Richardson
    2012: Alex Richardson
    2011: Kevin King
    2009: Geoff Lundeen
    2008: Anna Potter
    2007: Philip Brewer
    2005: Kristina Swim
    2004: Richard Cabe & Kristina Swim
    2002: Melissa Reeves
    2001: Erin Bingham & Carla Willis
    2000: James Burgess & Lee Crase

  • Philosophy Program Service Award

    Philosophy Program Service Award

    This award is given to students who have served the Philosophy Program and its faculty in important ways, through participation and organization of program meetings and events, participation in student organizations, representing the Program at student philosophy conferences, and other activities.


    2020: Trinity Rothwell
    2008: Timothy Wright

    2005: Brian Larkin