Biology faculty carry out research projects in a variety of areas. Interested students can become involved in these projects to obtain greater in depth understanding of various subjects and to experience the process of science first hand.

  • Systematics and biogeography, emphasizing ichthyology
    Dr. Heidi Banford
  • Intercellular and intracellular signaling cascades involved in the chemical senses (taste and smell)
    Dr. Melissa Cavallin Johnson
  • Conservation, management, and ecology of mammals. Applied and basic field-based research on small mammals, carnivores, and bats
    Dr. Andrew J. Edelman
  • Phytogeography and evolutionary biology of reptiles
    Dr. Frank Fontanella
  • Physiology of aquatic organisms
    Dr. Janet Genz
  • Forest Ecology
    Dr. Joseph J. Hendricks
  • Microbiology - Bacterial Physiology and Genetics - bacterial degradation of cellulose and hemicellulose - structures and functions of bacterial exopolysaccharides and glycocalyces involved in digestion of cellulose - differing strategies of cellulose degradation in the genus Cellulomonas.
    Dr. William J. Kenyon
  • Functional genomics of eukaryotic oxygenic photosynthesis. The overall research goal is to identify and characterize novel molecular components essential for photo-acclimation, photo-protection, and photosynthetic pigment metabolism. This research is being carried out by molecular and biochemical characterization of photosynthetic and pigment deficient mutants in the green mico-alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii, employing biochemical/biophysical tools and forward and reverse genetics.
    Dr. Mautusi Mitra
  • Virology and immunology. Research projects investigate the actions of cells within the immune system when the virus, Herpes Simplex infects the human cornea. This viral disease is the leading cause of infectious blindness in the USA and is currently treated by anti-viral drugs and corneal transplantation.
    Dr. Sara Molesworth-Kenyon
  • Phylogenetic evolution and systematics of plants.
    Dr. David Morgan
  • Insecticide resistance monitoring, insecticide toxicology, insect biochemistry and physiology, and biodiversity.
    Dr. Gregory Payne
  • Biochemistry of lens proteins
    Dr. S. Swamy Mruthinti
  • Aquatic ecology and conservation
    Dr. Christopher Tabit
  • Modeling of protein function
    Dr. Henry G. Zot