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Our College houses seventeen unique and engaging programs. From Anthropology to Theatre, the College of Arts, Culture, and Scientific Inquiry has a degree offerings you. 

Our Programs

The College of Arts, Culture, and Scientific Inquiry is the heart and soul of UWG.

Our college houses four uniquely engaging departments that cater to our students' varying academic interests. Our students have the opportunity to experience the college curriculum not only in the classroom but in studios, laboratories, and the community. Students in the College of Arts, Culture, and Scientific Inquiry (CACSI) cultivate valuable skills as artists, performers, researchers, scientists, writers, and thinkers, and graduate ready to shape and contribute to our rapidly changing 21st-century world.


CACSI Information

CACSI Work West Site

The CACSI Work West Webspace provides relevant information to CACSI faculty and staff. 


Commonly Requested Forms

This will direct you to commonly requested forms such as Hardship WIthdrawal Forms, Course Permission Overrides, etc. 

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CACSI Graduate Studies Fellowship

Additional Resources for Students, Staff, and Faculty

Declaration of Major/Minor Form

CACSI Students, use this form to declare your major or to change your current major/minor. This form will route your information to the Registrar's Office and CACSI Department that is home to your selected degree.


CACSI Points of Pride

Use this form to share and submit your CACSI student, faculty, and staff success stories! Login using your email.


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