We use the Moodle learning management system as our "course web" to facilitate communication and interaction for all courses in the Computer Science undergraduate and graduate major programs.  Moodle is also the home to our CS Student Portal, a web site specifically for CS majors that includes timely and targeted announcements, resources, and other relevant information.  Additional information about the use of Moodle is provided on the course web home page (accessible by visiting the following link):

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The course web provides public access to course syllabi as well as most course materials (resources, assignments, etc.) for most CS courses offered since Fall 2003. Course archives are organized by semester. When prompted to login, you can click on the "Login as a guest" button if you do not have a CS Moodle account.

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The Computer Science eXperience (csX) Lab provides face-to-face and online assistance to students working on laboratory assignments for certain computer science (CS) courses with a laboratory component.

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We maintain a comprehensive laboratory environment to support teaching and learning. Our labs are equipped with current technologies and provide a flexible computing environment intended to give students the opportunity to learn and experiment with a wide variety of hardware and software tools commonly used in industry. Eligible CS majors are provided 24/7 access to the labs using their UWG ID cards.

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There are a few scholarships that are available to CS students. Please also be sure to check with the Office of Financial Aid to learn about other scholarships that may also be available.

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