The following yearly scholarships and awards are awarded by members of the UWG Anthropology Faculty. Apply through the scholarships portal.

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John Walton Whatley Scholarship Fund

Those persons empowered to select a recipient, shall give equal consideration to qualified and eligible students from Polk, Carroll, Haralson, and Troup counties for selection as a recipient of the scholarship. If no student is selected from one of these four counties, an eligible and qualified student from the State of Georgia may be selected. To qualify for the Scholarship, the recipient shall be selected in the manner established by the Foundation in making awards of merit and based on scholarship achievement while a student at West Georgia College. Financial need shall be given due consideration.

Carole E. Hill Anthropology Award

This award is presented annually to the senior anthropology student who demonstrates the greatest potential for success in his or her pursuit of an advanced degree in anthropology following graduation from the University of West Georgia. This award honors the founder of the anthropology program at West Georgia, who was a pioneering figure in the fields of Applied and Medical Anthropology, in recognition of her dedication to undergraduate education and student mentoring.

Thelma B. Larson Award

The Thelma B. Larson Memorial Award for Anthropological Research was established in Mrs. Larson’s memory by friends and family. This award is to be presented annually for an original anthropological research undertaken by an outstanding major in Anthropology. Mrs. Larson was the mother of Dr. Lewis Larson, long term faculty member at West Georgia and pioneer in Southeastern Archaeology.

Herndon Award

These awards are presented annually to the outstanding students from academic disciplines in the Social Sciences. Recipients must have a declared major in the field of the award, superior academic achievement, demonstrated leadership ability, potential for development in the respective academic discipline and active involvement in extracurricular activities. The award was established in 1953 by friends and classmates in memory of the late Thomas A. Herndon, Jr. a graduate of the class of 1939.

Engage Anthropology Award

This honor is awarded to a student who engages in the discipline of anthropology through critical thinking, creative vision, classroom participation, and academic risk-taking. The award recognizes outstanding engagement in scholarship, service, and/or anthropology-related extracurricular involvements.

The Waring Distinguished Scholar Award

is awarded annually to the senior undergraduate student who has repeatedly earned distinction from the Antonio J. Waring, Jr. Scholarship Fund over the course of their studies as an Anthropology major at University of West Georgia. This student is well-rounded and has shown excellence in coursework, research, and scholarly presentation.

The Karl T. Steinen Award

The Karl T. Steinen Award for Service to Anthropology was named in honor of Dr. Steinen who dedicated himself to preparing undergraduate students for careers in anthropology. This award is presented to an outstanding member of the community in recognition for service to the UWG Department of Anthropology and to the anthropology profession by promoting student-centered research, teaching, or programmatic initiatives.

Ray Crook Award

This award is awarded annually to the student who has gone above and beyond in fulfilling the Waring Lab’s mission and goals during the previous year.