The Biological and Forensic Anthropology Lab is dedicated to excellence in education, research, and service. The lab not only disseminates information but generates new knowledge through active faculty-led and student-led research projects resulting in peer-reviewed publications and presentations at professional conferences. Finally, BAFAL will serve local, state, and federal law enforcement both in lab and field in any way possible, and benefit the wider community through public events, open workshops, and volunteer opportunities.

Gained transferable skills for participants and researchers include: image analysis, data collection and management, microscopy, biometrics, behavioral observation and survey, excavation, forensic search and recovery, laboratory procedure, project design and interpretation, cooperation, and leadership.

Hear this exciting podcast of Dr. Corey Maggiano, BAFAL Director, speaking about his research on Archaeology Podcast Network: New Advances in Oxygen Isotope Analysis with Dr. Corey Maggiano - Ep 119

Waring Lectures ImageWorkshops

BAFAL offers workshops in a number of subjects including Human Evolution, Forensic Anthropology, Genes and DNA, and Primatology. Workshops are open to all UWG students interested in gaining hands-on experience in a real lab setting.


Volunteer ImageVolunteers

Students interested in Physical Anthropology or Forensics, or any related field, like to organize, teach, learn, and meet new people, can volunteer at BAFAL! Our volunteers work along-side faculty on a wide range of projects that provide hands-on experimental and professional experience. 


Research ImageResearch

Faculty research at BAFAL currently focuses on several aspects of bone biology and novel applications of bone microscopic techniques in bioarchaeological and forensic contexts. Our goal is to create and improve methods used in the analysis of bone that aid in identification and increase our understanding of past and present human health and behavior. 


A number of courses are regularly taught at BAFAL, including Osteology, Field Methods in Physical Anthropology, Forensic Anthropology, Human Evolution, Bioarchaeology, and Artifact Analyses. Students get the opportunity to hands-on learning experiences and practicals.

Undergraduate Certificate in Forensic Sciences

Forensic Sciences is the application of scientific knowledge and methodology to legal problems and criminal investigations. As a growing field, Forensics offers an excellent point of entry to high-quality employment opportunities in the private sector and in federal, state, and local agencies. Several courses taught at BAFAL can be applied towards the interdisciplinary Undergraduate Certificate in Forensic Sciences. 

Pig Dig: Investigating a Mock Crime Scene

The summer Field Methods course is an intensive exploration of the methodology used in Physical Anthropology. This is done through the use of a simulated crime scene, in which students practice locating, excavating, and analyzing pig remains staged in a mock murder scene. Students gain hands-on experience working with remains as well as the process of Forensic Anthropology.

Curation and Collections

BAFAL is responsible for the curation and deployment of the Anthropology Department’s comparative osteological collections, which include high-quality primate and paleoanthropology casts, forensic skeletal casts, a collection of human natural bone specimens, a histological teaching collection, and a collection of faunal remains.  Our student staff assists with cataloguing the collection, participates in research on osteological and histological materials, and observes forensic analysis when authorized by the presiding jurisdiction.


BAFAL is located in the "basement" of the Old Auditorium Building Rm. 0119. It is adjacent to the Anthropology Building on the southeast side of campus, and it is easily accessible via Front Campus Drive, off Maple Street (where the Visitor Center and visitor parking exist) or Back Campus Dr. off of West Georgia Dr. All post should be directed to the main Anthropology Office: 1601 Maple St., Carrollton, GA 30118.


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