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    UWG|Online Maintenance Schedule:

    Please see the Board of Regents GeorgiaView Maintenance Schedule for the latest dates and times for scheduled maintenance downtime. GeorgiaONmyLINE programs, such as eCore®, follow the schedule for D/X site regardless of campus affiliation.

    Be sure to mark these dates in your calendar so you can allocate time for completing assessments, assignments, discussions, and other course related content.

    ** Note - if one of the above listed tools is still active when the server goes down, you WILL be kicked off with no chance to save, submit, or complete your materials.

    • Banweb (to register for courses and more)

      Banweb is a secure, online tool used to manage student information and register for classes online. Through BanWeb, students can register and perform typical student tasks from the comfort of their own home or dorm room.

      BanWeb is used for:

      • Registration for classes
      • Pay Fees
      • Drop / Add
      • Check Grades
      • Change Address
      • View and print Transcripts
      • View and print Class Schedule
      • Purchase Meal Plan

      To access BanWeb, you must log into Campus Pipeline on the myUWG page. Once logged in, simply click on the "BanWeb" tab.

      For a complete walkthrough, please visit our Student Banner Guide.

      I would like to:

      Would you like to get hands on training with some of the most important systems we use at UWG? Click the links below to launch the software simulations.

      Grades First
      Schedule Builder
      Wolf Watch

    • Center for Academic Success

      View the Center for Academic Success website.

    • Collaborate Ultra (web conferencing & collaboration)

      Blackboard Collaborate software solutions offer a social, interactive learning experience with virtual classrooms, online conferencing, instant messaging and more collaboration tools.

      The Collaborate Classroom is the cornerstone of the Collaboration Suite. It is a live, virtual classroom environment with robust features that include audio, video, application sharing and content display. Its pedagogical design and ease-of-use ensures that educators and students engage as if they were meeting face-to-face.

      Advanced features include polling, whiteboarding, presenter on-the-fly, resizable chat areas and participant lists, usage analytics tools, and now both MP3 and MP4 downloads enable further dynamic interaction between students and educators..

      UWG | Online is happy to assist students with Blackboard Collaborate and Wimba Classroom during normal business hours.

      For specialized and after-hours assistance with Blackboard Collaborate contact Blackboard via the below options:
      Toll Free at 1-877-382-2293 and/or on the Blackboard service page.

      Frequently Asked Questions:

      External Training Resources:

    • Grammarly

      Grammarly is an automated proofreader that checks for more than 250 types of spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. It helps enhance vocabulary usage through word suggestions and also attempts to correct possible plagiarism issues by suggesting properly formatted citations.

      UWG provides the Premium Education versions of Grammarly for free for all UWG faculty, students, and staff. If you need support or assistance with Grammarly, please contact Janet Gubbins via phone (678-839-0630) or email (

      To install and set up your FREE UWG Premium Grammarly account:

      If you would like to use Grammarly with Microsoft Word, view the document that is linked below

      • Please read all warnings and suggestions prior to installing the MS Word add-on. These can be found in any of the Grammarly documentation files that are linked in this section.
      • If you still want to install the MS Word add-on, follow the Grammarly add-on instructions.

      For more comprehensive information, you can view the Grammarly information page.

    • ReadSpeaker (webReader & docReader)

      The CourseDen ReadSpeaker Integration automatically enables ReadSpeaker online text-to-speech & screen reader technology for CourseDen’s HTML content pages for all users. Using webReader Any student can hear their HTML course content spoken aloud or download it as an MP3 using only their internet browser. Students can also highlight and play back a subset of the content. You can also open documents in the docReader and have ReadSpeaker's text-to-speech read the document along with providing a few other useful tools.

      If you think there is an issue with your ReadSpeaker, be sure your are trying to listen to a CourseDen HTML file. Give UWG | Online’s help desk a call at 678-839-6248 if you are unsure what kind of page you are trying to listen to.

      Further Resources:

    • Smarthinking (online tutoring and writing center)

      Smarthinking is an online tutoring/writing assistance service provided to UWG students in online courses, off-campus (Newnan, Douglasville, etc.) courses, and QEP courses. It is simple, fast, and always available. Students can connect to live educators from any computer that has internet access, with no special software installation or equipment required.

      Depending on semester funding, access may be open to all students or only students enrolled in an entirely and fully online course, a course within a current or developing online program, a QEP course, or a course being offered at UWG Newnan, UWG - Douglasville Center, or any off-campus locations site. If you are in a qualifying course, you may contact your professor to request adding the Smarthinking link to your course, or contact our helpdesk at 1-855-933-8946 (local: 678-839-6248) or

      1. Log into CourseDen
      2. Enter one of your classes
      3. Click Resources > Smarthinking to be taken to the Smarthinking website

      Further Resources:

    • Student CoursEval (course evaluations)

      CoursEval, which maintains online student evaluations, had an update to its servers in the Fall of 2014. As part of these updates there is now a new, direct link to your account and CoursEval will accept your UWG ID username and password as your login credentials.

      New login process
      Direct Link to CoursEval
      Use this link to access your evaluation results or open surveys

      Username: Your UWG ID username (for example, jsmith)
      Password: Your UWG ID password (12+ character passphrase)

      What is CoursEval

      Formative evaluations/ End-of-term evaluations
      During the last weeks of the term, the DDEC conducts its own online student evaluation of instruction. Our evaluations are conducted outside of CourseDen, in CourseEval, and can be accessed online any time. See the CoursEval Privacy Policy and Accessibility [PDF] statements.

      Your instructors welcome your suggestions and take them very seriously. Evaluations are anonymous and secure. Be assured that instructors cannot access evaluation results until the final course grades are turned in.

      Things to remember

      • There are two evaluations to complete: One for each of your online courses and one for UWG|Online.
      • You can also easily access your evaluations using either your computer or mobile device.
      Let Your Voice be Heard!

      More than just a box to check off at the end of the semester, the student evaluation of instruction (SEI) is a critical feature for faculty looking to increase their ability to make a lasting impact on their students. During the last weeks of the term, the DDEC administers online student evaluation of instruction (SEI) for all distance courses. These anonymous evaluations are conducted outside of CourseDen, in CourseEval. They must be completed during the open evaluation time periods each semester, but can be viewed online at any time.

      Specific results are shared with the instructor, the Chair, and the Dean. The Evaluation Summary for Distance Courses form requires that the faculty provide written documentation reflecting on their DE course evaluation results and how the students' feedback will be used for improvement. Aggregate results are made available online at: DE Evaluation Documents. Reminders are shared on the UWG|Online social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram).

      If you get an error message, or do not see your course, check with your professor. Your professor may have chosen to offer an in-class paper evaluation.

      If you have any questions, please e-mail UWG|Online at or call the UWG|Online Helpline at 678-839-6248 (Mon-Fri from 8am - 5pm).

      I would like to:

    • TurnItIn (plagiarisim prevention & assessment)

      Turnitin is an originality checking and plagiarism prevention service used by millions of students and faculty, and thousands of institutions worldwide. Turnitin encourages best practices for using and citing other people’s written material. The service offers a complete web-based service to manage the process of submitting and tracking papers electronically, providing better—and faster—feedback to students.

      Further Resources:

    • UWG Campus Writing Center

      View the Campuse Writing Center website.


    This list of downloads shows the best versions of software to use CourseDen effectively.

    Supported Internet Browsers

    Java Plug-In

    Other Recommended Software

    Software Simulations

    Would you like to get to know some of the most important systems we use at UWG? Click the link below to learn more.

    • Online Orientation (a general orientation for everything UWG)
      • You can create a guest login to view the orientation slides

    Direct Link to CourseDen:

    If you are experiencing latency/bandwidth issues accessing CourseDen using a portal login (i.e., always try using the direct link to login to CourseDen.  (Remember: eCore, eMajor, EU, and WebMBA courses log on to GoView)

    Please Note: You will not have access to CourseDen until 24-48 hours after you actually register for classes via MyUWG. Also, keep in mind, that you will not be able to see any of your registered courses in CourseDen until the actual start date of the course.

    How to Login

    Go to CourseDen using the direct link and enter:

    • Username = your registered UWG ID username (ex. sdoe1, sd00001)
    • Password = your registered UWG ID password (hint = it’s at least 12 characters long)

    Check Your Browser

    View the GeorgiaView system checker to see if your computer and browser are compatible with CourseDen.

    You will want to make sure that all of the checks say YES. If anything says NO, you will need to try to fix it or contact UWG|Online for help.

    Need Help?

    UWG ID:
    Contact ITS Service Desk
    HoursMonday - Friday
    8:00 AM - 5:00 PM EST

    Phone(678) 839-6587
    Learn more about the UWG ID by visiting the UWG ID Information Page.

    CourseDen (D2L):
    Contact UWG|Online Help Desk
    (678) 839-6248  or 1-855-933-UWGO (8946)


    Regular Hours:
    Monday - Thursday: 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM EST
    Friday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM EST

    Summer Hours (May 18 - Jul 27):
    Monday - Thursday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM EST
    Friday: 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM EST

    Chat With Us: Live Help
    Remote Support: Team Viewer

    PhoneCourseDen 24-hour Help

    Collaborate After Hours Support

    UWG|Online is happy to assist students with Blackboard Collaborate during normal business hours (see above for contact info)

    For specialized assistance with Blackboard Collaborate after hours, contact them via the below options: