To obtain your UWG Student ID Card, please follow these steps:

  1. Complete the on-line request form and you may also upload an enlarged legible photocopy of your driver's license, state-issued identification card, or passport to
  2. Upload a current head-shot photo (800 x 600 pixels) of yourself. (see guidlines below)
  3. Allow at least 5-10 business days for the processing of your ID.
  4. This is a onetime only process. Your ID will stay active as long as you are enrolled with the University of West Georgia.
  5. This web form is only for distance students who are unable to come to campus to have their pictures taken for their UWG Student Identification cards.
  6. Make sure the mailing address listed is correct. The Wolves Card Office is not responsible for IDs that are delayed, damaged, undeliverable or returned by the post office.

If you have any problems or questions, call the Wolves Card Office at 678-839-6525, Monday – Friday from 8am to 5pm.

Guidelines for ID photos

  1. You can use a digital camera or a scanned photograph as long as the picture is clear.
  2. Pictures should be taken from a 3 foot distance in front of a SOLID background (preferably white or blue) and include the head and upper-torso facing the camera. Do not use a close-up of just your face. No hats, hair wraps or sunglasses are permissible in photo.
  3. All pictures should be saved in .jpg format (size: 800x600 pixels) using your 9-digit student number as the file name (i.e. 917123456.jpg)
  4. Do not send copyright photos (those made by a professional photographer).
  5. Email the file to with the subject line: Student ID card.
  6. Submitted photos are subject to approval by the Wolves Card Office.
  7. This does not apply to LOST/Stolen ID’s.  Only to your initial student ID card.
  8. The Wolves Card Office can NOT accept photos that are mailed via the US Postal Service; all photos must be submitted electronically per the above guidelines.
  9. View this tutorial on resizing images. If you need assistance, many photo centers (like the ones at Staples) can scan and resize photos for you.
UWG|Online Student ID Card Policy

Students completing courses via distance learning can request their student ID via the online web submission form.

Eligible students:  UWG Students registered in online courses only; not attending classes at the Carrollton campus or Newnan campus.  Any exceptions must be approved through the Wolves Card Office at the discretion of the Director of Auxiliary Services.

The steps set forth to obtain a student ID via fax and email must be followed; along with the ID photo guidelines.  All requests are subject to the approval of the Wolves Card Office.

The Wolves Card Office has the right to deny distribution of any distance student ID by requiring the student to appear in person at the Wolves Card Office, University Community Center on campus. 

Any ID cards returned via the US Postal Service will be kept in the lost/found ID’s at the Wolves Card Office and students will need to pick up their ID in person.

UWG|Online Student ID Card Web Form