Congratulations! You've made history with the best and the brightest who choose to Go West!

Now it's time to prepare for graduation! From assisting students with missing degree requirements to staging the commencement ceremony, the Graduation Team in the Registrar's Office is here to help you make your mark as you transition from student to Alumni.

If you are an Undergraduate student seeking a Bachelor's degree, the steps listed here will assist you as you prepare for graduation.

Make a Plan & Apply for Graduation

Students who intend on applying for graduation should review their Wolf Watch Degree Audit and schedule an appointment with their Academic Advisor to make a plan for completing missing degree requirements. The Graduation Team recommends that undergraduate students who are at 85% degree completion in Wolf Watch apply for graduation for a future term. The Graduation Team partners with Academic Advisors on informing students of their missing requirements and ways to satisfy those missing requirements. Students who apply for graduation will receive official correspondence from the Graduation Team notifying them of missing degree requirements. Students are also encouraged to review the various policies that govern graduation procedures and requirements.

Apply for Graduation

Submit the Online Undergraduate Application for Graduation and $40.00 application fee (per degree) by the appropriate deadline. To access the Online Graduation Application and Fee Payment, logon to MyUWG, select the Banweb tab, select the "Student Services & Financial Aid" link, and then, select the "Graduation Application" option.

Students must apply for graduation in order to be awarded their degree. Even if students do not wish to participate in the commencement ceremony, an application and fee must be submitted. The graduation fee covers the cost of student diplomas and shipping within the United States.

Dual Degree vs. Double Major

Students who are applying to graduate with two degrees will need to complete two separate applications and pay two separate $40.00 application fees. Graduating with two degrees is different from graduating as a double major. For example, a student who graduates with two degrees may earn a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Philosophy & Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Art. This student will receive two diplomas. Students who earn a double major, for example, will only earn one degree (Bachelor of Business Administration - BBA) with two majors (Finance & Accounting). This student will receive one diploma that notates both majors. Double majors need only apply for graduation once.

Graduation Application Deadlines
Fall Graduation Spring Graduation Summer Graduation
August 1st October 1st March 1st

Graduation Application Deadlines

  • Fall Graduation: August 1st
    Spring Graduation: October 1st
    Summer Graduation: March 1st

The Graduation Application is where you notify the Graduation Team the term in which you intend to graduate, the name you wish to have displayed on your diploma as well as if you intend to march in the commencement ceremony. If your legal name differs from the legal name UWG has on your Academic Record, you'll need to submit a Name Change Application to have your legal name updated.

Apply for Departmental Certificates

Students who intend to receive undergraduate departmental certificates should apply for the certificate online contact the Academic Department that offers the certificate program for information on certificate completion. For example, a student who wishes to receive the Certificate in Human Resources should contact the Richards College of Business for information. Students who have earned Departmental Certificates will receive those certificates when they receive their diploma and will have their accomplishment noted on their official academic transcript. Students must be awarded Undergraduate Departmental Certificate at the time of their graduation. 

Check Your MyUWG Email & Tentative List

Your MyUWG Email is how the Graduation Team will send you official correspondences regarding missing degree requirements, information about the commencement ceremony, and information about your diploma. Students are encouraged to check their MyUWG email frequently in the months and weeks leading up to graduation. Additionally, students are encouraged to continue checking their MyUWG email after graduation for information concerning their diploma.

The Undergraduate Tentative List is updated weekly on Fridays. The list is a representation of students that have applied for graduation and are possible graduation candidates. Students should use this list to verify their Diploma Name (as indicated on the Graduation Application), their Degree(s), Major(s), Concentration(s), and Minor(s) as well as their diploma delivery method (mail or pick up). The information displayed on the Undergraduate Tentative List is considered "Directory Information" under the Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA) and may be released by the University of West Georgia. Students who do not wish to have their information released should complete a "Directory Information Non-Disclosure" form.

Prepare for the Commencement Ceremony

All graduating seniors are highly encouraged to attend the commencement ceremony. Students indicate on their Graduation Application if they plan on attending the ceremony. Students who decide to change their attendance status should contact the Graduation Team at Students may purchase their cap, gown & tassel from the University Bookstore. Additionally, students are highly encouraged to attend the Graduation Fair that is held every year in March. Please visit the General Commencement Ceremony page for additional information.