Spring 2020 Registration

Spring 2020 On-Time Registration Dates for CURRENTLY* enrolled students:

  • Current Seniors & all Graduate level students – October 28
  • Current Juniors Social Security# ending in 00-49 – October 29
  • Current Juniors Social Security# ending in 50-99 – October 30
  • Current Sophomores Social Security# ending 00-49 – October 31
  • Current Sophomores Social Security# ending 50-99 – November 1
  • Current Freshmen Social Security# ending 50-99 – November 4
  • Current Freshmen Social Security# ending 00-49 – November 5

*Currently enrolled student are those taking courses in the current term – Fall 2019

Registration will come down at 4:00 pm on November 7. Registration will re-open at 8:00 am on Monday, November 18.

Open registration begins November 18, 2019 at 8 am.

(Students that are active but not currently enrolled, are currently serving a one term suspension, are readmitted, or are admitted as a transient—must wait until Open Registration to register.)

Important! See your advisor before your assigned date to register, and your advisor or department will remove your advisement hold.

New Students

Click here for information. New Student Registration

Former Students

Former undergraduate students who last attended UWG one year or more ago or were suspended for one year or dismissed must apply for readmission through the Enrollment Services Center.  Application deadline for Undergraduate Readmission is November 15th for Spring, May 15th for Summer, and June 1st for Fall.

Former graduate students who last attended one or more years ago must contact the Office of Graduate Admissions to request readmission prior to registering.