The U.S. Department of Education issued regulation which impacts repeat coursework. The regulation states that students may only receive federal financial aid for ONE repetition of a previously passed course. These regulations prohibit the University from paying for a course that has been passed more than one time.

You CAN receive federal financial aid to repeat a course that has already been passed (D or higher) only one additional time. Any repeated attempts after that will not be eligible for federal financial aid. This applies even if you earn a failing grade (F) or withdraw (W) during the second attempt.

All courses previously taken, even if federal financial aid was not used, are compared against the current semester to determine if it is a repeated class and whether it can be paid for using federal financial aid. Your federal financial aid may be recalculated if you take a class that is not eligible. This policy does not provide exceptions if the repeat courses are taken to meet plan of study grade requirements, i.e. a grade of C or higher must be earned to count towards your major.

All repeated courses affect federal financial aid Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) calculations.  A repeated course, along with the original attempt, must be counted as attempted credit hours. All students must successfully complete 67% of cumulative attempted hours by the end of each term.

If you have questions regarding your courses and repeat coursework, please contact our office.