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Meg Pearson, Ph.D.

Dr. Meg Pearson teaches early modern literature, primarily from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries in England. Her research focuses on early modern drama (both by Shakespeare and his contemporaries) and visual culture.

  • B.A., English, University of Georgia, 1996
  • M.A., English Language & Literature, University of Maryland, 2001
  • Ph.D., English Language & Literature, University of Maryland, 2006

Fall 2021 Sections

Fall 2019 Sections

  • ORGL-2100 (Writing for Leadership) Section: 80E
  • ENGL-2120 (British Literature: Beauty) Section: 03

Summer 2019 Sections

  • ENGL-4002 (Studies in British Lit. II) Section: E01
  • ENGL-4385 (Travel & Travail) Section: 01S
  • ENGL-5385 (Travel & Travail) Section: 01S

Spring 2019 Sections

  • HONR-2102 (Soph Honor Colloquium: Inquiry) Section: 25H

Fall 2018 Sections

  • XIDS-2002 (Ye Olden Tymes) Section: 39
  • ENGL-4000 (Brit Lit I:Renaissance Lit) Section: 01W
  • ENGL-5000 (Brit Lit I:Renaissance Lit) Section: 01

Summer 2018 Sections

  • ENGL-4188 (Individual Authors:Shakespeare) Section: 1DW
  • ENGL-5188 (Individual Authors:Shakespeare) Section: E01

Fall 2017 Sections

  • ENGL-4385 (Special Topics-Witch Plays) Section: 01W
  • ENGL-5385 (Special Topics-Witch Plays) Section: 01

Fall 2016 Sections

  • ENGL-1101 (English Composition I) Section: 129

Summer 2016 Sections

  • ENGL-4188 (Ind. Authors:Cyber Shakespeare) Section: 1DW
  • ENGL-5188 (Ind.Authors: Cyber Shakespeare) Section: E01

Spring 2016 Sections

  • ENGL-4188 (IndividualAuthors-Shakespeare) Section: 01W
  • ENGL-5188 (Individual Authors-Shakespeare) Section: 01

Fall 2015 Sections

  • ENGL-6105 (Seminar in British Lit I) Section: 01

Spring 2015 Sections

  • ENGL-4120 (Seventeenth-Century Brit Lit) Section: 01W
  • ENGL-4386 (Internship) Section: 02
  • ENGL-4386 (Internship) Section: 03
  • ENGL-5120 (Seventeenth-Century Brit Lit) Section: 01


Dr. Pearson participates in the LEAP Georgia initiative, which suggests Liberal Education as America's Promise. She has also presented several talks about the immense value of a degree in the humanities (for career and life satisfaction alike) and works to clarify the misinformation surrounding the worth of degrees in the liberal arts.