Want to save your students some money and help them be able to stay in school? Check out these free or inexpensive alternatives to pricey textbooks. 

For more Open Educational Resources, visit our OER guide.

  • Affordable Learning Georgia
    Affordable Learning Georgia

    Affordable Learning Georgia is a University System of Georgia (USG) initiative to promote student success by providing affordable textbook alternatives. 

    It is a one-stop service to help USG faculty and staff identify lower-cost, electronic, free, and Open Educational Resources, building on the cost-effective subscription resources provided by GALILEO and the USG libraries

  • Links to OER & Inexpensive Materials
    Links to OER & Inexpensive Materials
    • OpenStax College
      OpenStax College offers students free textbooks that meet scope and sequence requirements for most courses. These are peer-reviewed texts written by professional content developers. Adopt a book today for a turnkey classroom solution or modify it to suit your teaching approach. Free online and low-cost in print.
    • Merlot II
      MERLOT is a free and open peer reviewed collection of online teaching and learning materials and faculty-developed services contributed and used by an international education community.
    • BookBoon.com
      Over 1000 free quality eBooks for university students and business professionals; books can be downloaded directly in PDF format, and are currently available in seven languages. Main focus areas are business/economics, engineering/natural sciences and IT.
    • Textbook Revolution
      Student-run site dedicated to increasing the use of free educational materials by professors; links and reviews of textbooks and select educational resources. Some are PDF files, others are viewable online as e-books, or some are simply web sites containing course or multimedia content.
    • Flatworld Knowledge
      Select from professionally-developed textbooks, use as-is or personalize it, complete adoption on the site to get a unique link for your students.
    • Boundless
      Assign off-the-shelf content in 20+ subjects or customize; pre-made PowerPoint slides plus thousands of readings and quiz questions. Free registration required to use site.
  • Or, Make Your Own "Textbook" Using Library Resources!
    Or, Make Your Own "Textbook" Using Library Resources!
    • Hundreds of databases are available through the Library's own subscriptions and GALILEO. 
    • Instead of assigning a chapter in a book, what about assigning some great peer-reviewed articles relevant to what you're teaching? 
    • See the list of databases by clicking HERE.
    • Need some help finding appropriate databases to look in, or quality articles for your class?  Consult the Library Liaison for your discipline using the list of Subject Librarians available by clicking HERE.
    • And finally, make the readings you've chosen easily accessible to your students by putting them into CourseDen. Even if you are not using CourseDen to teach your class, you can still use it to provide assigned readings to your students.
  • Still Have Questions?
    Still Have Questions?

    Contact CJ Ivory, your Affordable Learning Georgia Library Champion:  civory@westga.edu.