The University of West Georgia is distinguished by its academic specialties in humanistic psychology and parapsychology within the Department of Psychology. To support teaching, learning, and research, Special Collections actively collects archival materials and printed materials pertaining to these two topical areas. Notable among these collections are papers of Ingo Swann who coined the term “remote viewing,” along with his book collection; the David Wayne Hooks library which originated from the Psychical Research Foundation; the papers of scholar Sidney Jourard, who founded the American Association for Humanistic Psychology; Carmi Harari, who founded the Division of Humanistic Psychology within the American Psychology Association; the papers of former University of West Georgia professor and expert in poltergeists, William G. Roll; and the papers of Anne C. Richards who served on Association for Humanistic Education (AHE), trustee for the Field Psych Trust, and surveyed University of West Georgia students’ attitudes towards sexuality from 1981-1999. Also notable are the papers of psychologist Edith Weisskopf-Joelson who studied schizophrenia, alienation and logotherapy.