Dear Colleagues,

In preparation for our upcoming LDI on Friday, February 16, I wanted to provide some information on our focus for the day.  Attached is the agenda and goals for the day.  The theme is "Being the Driver of Your Organizational Culture!"

To be the best comprehensive university in America–sought after as the best place to work, learn, and succeed—we must foster an environment where our differences and similarities are celebrated.  In order to be effective leaders we must inspire and motivate others to perform to their full potential.  

Our upcoming LDI will focus on the link between diversity and leadership effectiveness.  As we continue to develop our leadership skills to impact the people we lead, and further align our organizational outcomes—from the individual to the unit to the division to the institution – we must be aware of and continually improve our “micro-messages that inform where they fit-in and how through these messages we drive commitment and performance.”  

In this, the fourth year of Engage West! the Legacy Year, sustainability and continued progress toward our stated goals will be reflected in our behaviors and thus hardwired and fully adopted into our processes, expectations of excellence, and accountability.  To achieve these goals we must become knowledgeable about the ways that our actions directly affect our own and others’ performance.

Goals of the LDI:
1. To define the concept of “microinequities” and how we may be unknowingly sending these messages across our divisions and cultures.
2. To lead and communicate inclusively, inspiring top performance and commitment from all.
3. To incorporate and align these skills into developing and communicating our institutional, divisional, and unit goals.
4. To embed diversity and inclusion values into existing institutional, divisional, and unit goals.

 Themes of the Legacy Year:
·  We are living in or entering a new normal and we must adapt! 
·  We will leave a legacy both individually and institutionally—who will author it? 
·  Organizational and individual growth takes discipline and intentionality!  
·  Leaders throughout the institution must be aligned with the values and objectives of the institution for the institution to sustain, improve, and grow! 

Again, it is important that you attend the LDI.  If you are not able to attend due to a conference or an emergency, please let your VP know and send a quick email to Danielle Tackett by close of business, Monday, February 12.  This will help us manage table and food logistics.