Dear Colleagues,

In preparation for our upcoming LDI on February 10, I wanted to provide some information on our focus for the day.  Attached is the agenda and goals for the day.  The theme is "Student Success & Campus Climate - UWG Values and Strategic Alignment."  

In order to be the best comprehensive university in America – sought after as the best place to work, learn, and succeed, we must create an environment at UWG in which all people feel valued, engaged, and connected. Specifically, this LDI is designed to identify and strengthen inclusion initiatives that foster genuine and authentic connections throughout UWG and the broader community that will support our 2020 enrollment goals. 

I will start the day identifying the opportunities and challenges related to aligning our Core Values, Strategic Plan, Inclusiveness Statement and Campus Climate with a focus on Student Success.  Provost Crafton will further the discussion as it pertains to our role as leaders.  Yves-Rose Porcena will then provide institutional updates and a way forward. 

We will use the same format as the last LDI in order to facilitate the discussion and workshop with cross divisional breakouts at the assigned tables (already established as you arrive).  Then after lunch, we will have divisional breakouts.  The afternoon will culminate with everyone coming back together for a report back from each division and finally a CMG/linkage assignment. 

Again, it is important that you attend the LDI.  If you are not able to attend due to a conference or an emergency, please let Danielle Tackett know by close of business, Monday, February 6.  This will help us manage table and food logistics.