This award recognizes those individuals (previously nominated for values and strategic imperative recognition) who have demonstrated noteworthy achievement at the university level.

Criteria: This award recognizes employees that best exemplify University values or demonstrated the most progress toward achievement of one of the four strategic imperatives.

a. A committee within each division will review nominees from the two recognition periods and select award winners two times per year. The number of winners eligible will be based on the head count for each division. Academic Affairs is eligible to award eighteen to twenty-four employees with a 1:3 staff to faculty ratio for a maximum total of twenty-four each period, Business and Finance eighteen to twenty-four for a maximum total of twenty-four each period, Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, six each period, and President's/University Advancement, three each period. Winners will be announced at the beginning of the next period.

b. Award winners will select an award from the Divisional Awards list. A lottery drawing will be used for some awards that are limited in nature.

c. Divisional award winners are part of pool of applicants eligible for the employee, faculty, or staff member of the year award.

e. Divisional award winners will be recognized at a division meeting and at the annual end of year celebration.