Dear LDI Colleagues,

I hope everyone is having a great first week of classes! We welcomed the largest class in the history of the University of West Georgia! I'm looking forward to seeing everyone next Friday, August 19 - our theme for the LDI is "Taking Care of Business!" . The agenda is attached.

This LDI begins "The Leading Year!" This year our outcomes will focus on individual and departmental alignment to institutional goals, embedded and sustained expectations, and getting through the "uncomfortable gap" of our cultural transformation. In other words..."All In!"

We will begin the day with a "connect to purpose" from one of our distinguished graduates, Brian Ridley. He will talk about his experience leading organizational change and how UWG prepared him to be an effective leader. Next, I'll give an update confirming where we are in this process, celebrate what has been accomplished to date, outline our expectations as leaders for the coming year, and look to the future - what UWG will look like in 2020.

We'll then take part in discussions, via divisional breakouts lead by each vice president, on annual evaluation processes. During the afternoon session, we will come back together and hear from David Perry, Florida State Police Chief. Chief Perry will share FSU's experience and best practices in active shooter incidents. We'll finish the day with the linkage assignment for our Cross Mentoring Groups - identifying areas of improvement in your evaluation processes.

As you can see - this is a "Taking Care of Business" day dealing with serious topics that have impact on our campus and in the way we grow in the Leading Year.

I look forward to a productive day!