Dear Colleagues,

In preparation for our upcoming LDI on Friday, August 24, 2018, I wanted to provide some information on our focus for the day.  Attached is the agenda and goals for the day.  The theme for the year is "Learning in the Legacy Year!” and our theme for the day is “Growing Ourselves to Impact a Community.”

As we continue our journey to be the best comprehensive university in America–sought after as the best place to work, learn, and succeed—we must dig deeper into our individual and organizational development.  Legacy, as we have defined it, “an expectation of excellence and accountability,” will only be achieved if we foster an environment of continued assessment and improvement.  As we invest and focus on developing leaders and improving our individual and organizational maturity, we do so to impact those we lead and the community we serve.  Our ultimate goal in this endeavor is to grow ourselves and impact others…our internal and external communities.  In this, the beginning of our fifth year of Engage West! entitled Learning in the Legacy Year, we will strive to impact and influence our greater communities.

Goals of the LDI:
1. To further identify and define our individual growth development to impact others.
2. To define mutually beneficial community engagement.
3. To inventory, assess, and identify how we will impact our community.

Again, it is important that you attend the LDI.  If you are not able to attend due to a conference or an emergency, please let your VP know and send a quick email to Danielle Tackett by close of business, Monday, August 20.