Dear LDI Participants,

I am looking forward to seeing everyone next Friday, May 6 - our theme for the LDI is All In: Living to Leading. The agenda is attached along with the PPT slides providing the questions that will be the catalyst for our workshop discussions.

Our purpose will be two-fold: to think about and discuss ways we can hold ourselves accountable and to share ideas for next year's LDIs so that leaders in all divisions and at all levels receive the kinds of professional development they need to be successful.

We'll begin the day by hearing from two of our leaders--Jami Bower and Jenny Schuessler--on how they have used the various Engage West! tools and processes in their units for continuous improvement. Next, I'll provide a university update celebrating our accomplishments, reiterate the goals of Engage West! and the "Why!," review the Survey Results as they pertain to our LDIs efforts, outline what the "Leading Year" will look like, and finally define what "All In!" means if you are a "leader" on our campus.

We'll then take part in discussions at our tables focused on ways we can hold ourselves accountable so that those who work with us know what to do, why they are doing it, and what our units intends to accomplish. LDI participants who are not currently supervisors will share their ideas for ways leaders can clearly articulate goals and help their staff and faculty understand their part in accomplishing those goals.

During the afternoon session, we will meet by division, and each vice president will lead a conversation in his group about next year's LDIs and what areas of professional growth are needed for different leadership roles within the division's units. We'll finish our day with the VPs reporting some of the major themes that come out of these discussions. Finally, we'll provide a CMG assignment to give you the opportunity to further explore with your group your worries, fear, and/or resistance about the accountability actions you discussed during our morning session.

I look forward to a productive day!

Kyle Marrero