UWG's first Leadership Development Institute (retreat) went really well, and I'm very pleased with the participation and feedback we received. These retreats will inform an important part of our leadership development and culture over the next several years. Our goal is to invest in developing managers, supervisors, chairs, directors, deans and senior administrators to provide an environment of engagement, satisfaction and accountability with an ultimate outcome of student, academic, partnership and operational success.

As you see by our agenda, the retreat teams worked hard to come up with a comprehensive, informative and fun event. We focused much of our attention this time on strategic planning, goal setting and assessment, and new documents and processes that will help us meet and measure our results as we progress toward these goals. We heard from a student about how effective leadership and an engaged environment impacts them (video below), received training from highly-qualified leadership experts, viewed presentations from key university faculty and staff who have important roles in implementing these plans, and worked together in small groups to to develop ideas for UWG's success.

I want to reiterate that I am committed to bringing these important training and development sessions to campus leadership every ninety days. You can find a current list of upcoming LDI dates on the main Engage West! LDI page, and each retreat will have its own page on this site so that we can post agendas, share learning outcome goals and more.

Please note that we’ve posted the May Linkage Assignment to this page. Don’t forget to complete these activities and bring them with you to the August retreat. Also, I encourage you to take the information and tools you learn at the LDIs back to your colleagues to discuss ideas and topics across campus. Leadership, communication and collaboration need to become an integral, hard-wired part of our culture and the LDI presentations can serve as a catalyst for this vital change.

I'm excited to see our engagement efforts coming to fruition. This is an exciting time at our university, and I truly believe these are our initial steps in making UWG the best place to work, learn and succeed.

See you at the next retreat,