Can you believe it’s been almost a year since our first LDI? The May 2015 retreat marks a growth step in our LDI work. During the first year, we provided specific, targeted training and development of leaders such as workshops, presentations, and assignments. We essentially developed the "leader’s toolbox." Sessions focused on building trust in processes aligned with our new strategic plan, developing SMART goals, and learning what effective assessment truly looks like and means. We began to shift the mindset of leaders to one of self-reflection by exploring personality defaults via the Golden. We built the leadership community, acknowledged the efforts from each division, aligned strategies, modeled/demonstrated best practices, celebrated successes, and assessed and validated processes.

This LDI will focus on “Communicating the Why.” It is the transition retreat between developing our leaders’ personal skillset and beginning to work on training them to develop their own teams in similar ways.

Over the next year, we must continue to focus on communication and trust as we "live" and implement the plans created by our engaged faculty and staff. We will continue to focus on leadership development and accountability, but in our next steps, we will focus on the engagement and development of all of our faculty and staff through our leadership team.

We are geared up for another exciting year of LDIs and we have some great content in the works. But remember, Engage West! can only be successful if we embrace the generative process of developing and investing in our faculty and staff.