Dear Colleagues,

In preparation for our upcoming LDI on Friday, November 17, I wanted to provide some information on our focus for the day.  Attached is the agenda and goals for the day.  The theme is "Growth and Improvement in The Legacy Year!"

As we continue our journey to be the best comprehensive university in America–sought after as the best place to work, learn, and succeed—we must continue to develop our leadership skills to impact the people we lead, solve and evolve our institutional challenges, and further align our organizational outcomes—from the individual to the unit to the division to the institution. 

Now fully in the fourth year of Engage West! the Legacy Year, we find ourselves in an ever-shifting student market that has accelerated our urgency to "solve and evolve" our enrollment management strategies.  In addition, we are embracing a full review of our administrative efficiency and effectiveness.  To achieve our stated goals as an institution and our commitment to develop and empower our leadership, we must fully engage in solving and evolving to ensure our legacy.  

Goals of the LDI: 
1. Define and answer the "why" of enrollment growth and operational effectiveness and its importance to our future legacy.
2. Develop and identify the individual and institutional actions that will focus our enrollment efforts and operational effectiveness during the Legacy Year! – what we working to achieve, why we are trying to achieve it, and how we are going to achieve it. 
3. Put into action your individual Legacy Statement guided by your principles and values to help UWG achieve its goals. 

 Themes of the Legacy Year:
·  We are living in or entering a new normal and we must adapt! 
·  We will leave a legacy both individually and institutionally—who will author it? 
·  Organizational and individual growth takes discipline and intentionality!  
·  Leaders throughout the institution must be aligned with the values and objectives of the institution for the institution       to sustain, improve, and grow!