For presentations regarding either intimate partner violence or sexual assault please contact one of the following Patient Advocates  which serve as the Campus Victim Advocates.

Contact Jill Hendricks at 678-839-0641 or at for the following presentations:

  • Recognizing the signs of Toxic Relationships
  • You are Not Alone. Presentation regarding University services for students impacted by either sexual assault or intimate partner violence. Contact either Jill Hendricks at or Corey Hindman at  for this presentation.

Both Patient/Victim Advocates also provide presentations regarding:
How to be supportive of a friend who has been sexually assaulted or is in an unhealthy or abusive relationship.


The Health Educators and/or student educators, both a part of Health Services, also present programs on sexual assault and partner violence. This includes classes in which men teach other men about these critical issues. The Women's Interest Group (WIGS), a female student group under the Health Education area, also presents to other women about partner violence and stalking issues. The Health Educators and/or student educators present programs free of charge upon request on campus, and will present for other campuses, local middle and high schools. Other topics, beyond sexual assault and partner violence, include: Alcohol Awareness, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Women and Alcohol, Alcohol and the Athlete, Alcohol and Marketing, Smoking Cessation and other illegal drugs/Prescription medications abuse. The Health Educators also have programs on sexual awareness including one about sexually transmitted diseases.

Additional information on Health Educator services and programs can be found at