WeREC is an incentive program developed by UWG University Recreation (UREC) to connect/engage student staff and professional staff within the department. This semester-long competition will help connect and build a positive work environment, help retain great student employees, and create a sense of buy-in throughout the department and across campus.

Keep adding those points for October, WeREC!

How It Works

WeREC will last for the entire fall semester and began with All Staff Training. A UREC professional staff mentor is assigned to each team to ensure guidance, oversight, and encouragement throughout the competition. Teams will be made up of 7-9 student staff including 1 student team leader recommended by their supervisor and 1 professional staff mentor.

Throughout the semester, teams will have the opportunity to earn points by attending activities, seminars, trainings, sports events, etc. Once a team member completes an event, they will submit a picture of themselves to their student leader and mentor via the method of the team leader's choice (i.e GroupMe, email, etc.) After the request has been verified, the team leader will add points to the team's overall score. PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL ACTIVITIES MUST NOT BE COMPLETED DURING WORK SHIFTS (i.e. a group fitness instructor cannot count going to a group fitness class they just taught, but can count going to another group fitness class that their peers teach).

An online scoreboard (above) will be updated automatically at the least weekly so teams have the opportunity to track their progress, check on other teams, and see how close they are to monthly prizes. Point totals from the prior week must be uploaded at the latest by each Sunday evening at 11:59 p.m. for the previous week's points.

The Honor Code will be in effect for this competition. If a student staff falsifies an activity, they will be reported to their immediate supervisor for disciplinary action.


 The activities within WeRec promote/encourage overall wellness including the six dimensions of Wolf Wellness: Physical, Emotional, Social, Intellectual, Occupational, and Spiritual. Each month teams will have the opportunity to compete in University wide activities to earn points. Take a picture of yourself at an event and submit to your team leaders via email or GroupMe. Teams with 4 or more individuals participating will receive 20 points. In addition to the below activities, we will provide points for any group activities that are free, and support one of the six dimensions of Wolf Wellness.

Participate in one of the following activities for 5 points:

  • Climb at the climbing wall
  • Expresso ride of the week
  • 30 minute workout (anywhere)
  • Play a game in the game room
  • “A” on a paper, test, project
  • Share social media Workout of the Week and tag UREC
  • Walk/Run the Greenbelt
  • Attend UREC professional development session

 Attend any activity on the University calendar and receive 10 points.

*Includes athletic games, competitive sports, tailgating, West Georgia Outdoor day trips, etc.


Prizes include drawstring bags, cell phone chargers, headphones and 16 oz. tumblers from which winning team members may choose. The cumulative semester winning team will receive a t-shirt and invitation to the Student Achievement Awards. Cumulative points and winner will be announced on Sunday, Dec. 2 at the WeREC Field Day.