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The Residence Hall Association (RHA) is an organization that focuses on leadership development, advocacy, and programming. Every student that lives in a residence hall is a part of RHA! As an active member of RHA you will form the vast network of people who work to use their voice to advocate, and plan exciting events and programs. Join us to MAGNIFY YOUR VOICE!

Each hall council also connects through the Residence Hall Association (RHA). RHA acts in an advisory capacity for residence life, plans activities campus-wide, raises funds for charitable causes, and travels to regional collegiate leadership conferences.

Hall Council and RHA are open to any and all on-campus residents who are interested in becoming involved with their campus and residence halls! Invite friends and floormates! 

Profits from care packages are used by RHA to host campus wide events and to advocate on students behalf. If you have any questions or concerns about care packages please email us at

RHA Executive Board

Camrynn Ebanks

President: Camrynn Ebanks

My name is Camrynn Ebanks and I am the President of UWG’s Residence Hall Association. I am a Senior at the Richards College of Business double majoring in Marketing and Management. 

I joined RHA to help be a voice for residents to better their on-campus living experience and to be a friendly face within the living community!




Erin SneedVice President: Erin Sneed

My name is Erin Sneed and I am the Vice President of UWG’s Residence Hall Association. I am a Nursing Major in Tanner’s Health System School of Nursing. 

I joined RHA to make a positive impact on the students in our residence halls. As a Resident Assistant, it is often required of us to be the frontline when it comes to interacting with students. With this being said I wanted to take advantage of my position to act as a liaison between UWG Students and UWG Housing




Rickia StaffordRecognition Coordinator: Rickia Stafford

Hi, my name is Rickia Stafford and I am the National Communications Coordinator and Recognitions Coordinator. I am a senior majoring in Political Science. 

I got involved with RHA because I felt the need to advocate on behalf of the residents and make all residence halls feel like a home away from home.





Malaya MilesPublic Relations Coordinator: Malaya Miles

My name is Malaya Miles and I am currently in my third year at the University of West Georgia studying to be a Registered Nurse. I joined RHA last year to be a voice for those who may be nervous to step out into college full-force by providing them with fun events, a sense of community, and of course familiar faces! 

Here on the executive board of RHA I help pitch ideas to plan events to keep students engaged and entertained while living on campus.




Chastity ForemanBusiness Operations Coordinator: Chastity Foreman

My name is Chastity Foreman, and I am the Business Operations Coordinator. I am currently a senior majoring in Criminology. 

I joined RHA to meet new residents and help them understand how important their voice is.





Quin RobertsRHA Advisor: Quin Roberts

My name is Quin Roberts and I am the RHA Advisor. This is my second year as the RHA Advisor to UWG. I am currently the RLC of Center Pointe Suites and have worked at UWG for 4 years. 

I have a passion for serving students and helping them gain the skills, knowledge and leadership to succeed.