Center Pointe Suite

Open since Fall 2012, Center Pointe Suites is the primary destination for first-year students and offers suite-style single and double rooms with bathrooms.

Residents of Center Pointe enjoy the following benefits:

  • Near Z6 Dining Hall and the Wolves Den Food Court
  • Near the Campus Center Gym and Rock Climbing Wall
  • Suites Market convenience store on-site
  • Scenic views of campus from all study rooms
  • And more!
  • Features and Amenities
    Building Features

    Near Z6 Dining Hall and Wolf Den Food Court
    Near the Campus Center Gym and Rock Climbing Wall
    Access to the Greenbelt
    Convenient Parking
    Suites Market Convenience Store
    Near 1 bus stop
    Semi-Private Bathrooms
    24 hour Laundry Rooms
    24 hour TV Lounge
    24 hour Private and Large Study Rooms
    Multi-Purpose Room with Full-Sized Catering Kitchen
    Patio with Gas-Fired Grill


    Window: 34” x 57”. Blinds provided
    Mattress: 38” x 79” (XL Twin)
    Bed: Not bunkable
    Desk (48” x 24” x 30”) and Chair for each resident
    Dresser: 30” x 24”. Fits under bed.
    Floor: Carpet in bedroom. Laminate at the doorway.


    Micro Fridge
     Outside Dimensions 19.5" x 18.5" x 44"
     Freezer Inside Dimensions 15" x 14" x 7.5"
     Refrigerator Inside Dimensions 15"x 14"x 19"


    Shower: 46” x 33”
    Curtain Rod: Provided. 80” from floor


    33” x 96”
    Bottom shelf is 12” from floor
    Top shelf is 69” from the floor, 28" from ceiling

    Room Dimensions

    Single: 10’ x 21’
    Double: 12’ x 27’

  • Room Layout
    Center Pointe Suites
  • Floor Layout
  • Virtual Tour
  • Rates Fall 2020 - Spring 2021

    Single $3,672

    Double $3,305

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    All tuition, fees, or other charges are subject to change at the end of any academic term per the University System of Georgia.