Building Features:

Large Laundry Room, Indoor Gym, Multi-Purpose Meeting Rooms, Access to the Track and Field behind Arbor View, Neighbor to the Z-6 and Convenient Parking

Room Features: 

Fully Furnished, Private Bedrooms, Semi-Private Bathrooms, Full Kitchen & Living Room, Individual Local Telephone line, Cable TV, Ethernet and Apartment-controlled Central Heat and A/C


There is one closet per room. Each closet is 33 inches wide and 96 inches from the floor to the top of the closet. There is one shelf (69 inches from the first shelf to the floor and 26 inches from the first shelf to the top of the closet).


Living room windows are 107 inches wide. Room windows are 62 in. x 34 in. and include white or beige blinds that are 34 in. wide. 


The room includes an extra-long twin mattress that is 79 in. long. The bed is not bankable. The height of the bed from the floor at the lowest setting is 5 in. and at the highest setting is 33 in. Desks: There is one 30 inch tall desk in each room.


There are a total of eight cabinets in the kitchen. Counters are 60 inches long x 24 inches deep. The average size of the cabinets are 14 inches x 11.5 inches. There are three shelves in each cabinet. There is an open pantry provided and the distance from the floor to the top of the pantry is 69 in. with 5 - 22 in. x 12 in. shelves in each pantry. The distance between each shelf is 12.5 in. A full size refrigerator and microwave are also provided. 


Residents have a semi-private bathroom per side in apartment suite. 

Living Room: 

The entertainment stand is 30 in. x 24 in. with 3 shelves that are 22 in.x 15.5 in. The carpet area is 118 in. x 118 in. The couch measures 76 in. x 35 in. and the club chair is 34 in. x 35 in. The coffee table is 26 in. x 22 in. x 22 in.