Growth and Development
  • Use student development theory and philosophy in practice
  • Focus on the development of others
  • Actively Seek continuous improvement of self and department
  • Seek opportunities to develop and grow in your area of expertise
  • Be aware of self and how you affect others
  • Learn from other professionals, institutions and best practices
  • Volunteer for other roles—seek opportunities to serve
  • Demonstrate commitment to the greater University beyond your own area or department
  • Work towards a common goal
  • Understand what the other person/office/function does
  • Realize that we are all interdependent and interrelated
  • Be willing to accept assistance from one another
  • Be willing to accept constructive criticism from one another
  • Recognize the value of others
  • Value cooperation and mutual dependency in relationship building
  • Focus to strengthen appropriate academic partnerships
  • Motivate, encourage, and educate students to collaborate
  • Show respect for others
  • Value, embrace, pursue, and celebrate all forms of diversity
  • Actively seek ways to integrate disparate people, ideas and cultures into all we do
  • Demonstrate Open-mindedness
  • Seek input and consult with others with differing viewpoints
  • Create emotionally safe spaces
  • Seek opportunities to benefit the larger organization
  • Communicate effectively
  • Set high expectations
  • Hold yourself and others accountable for results
  • Do what is right with character and integrity
  • Take responsibility; make difficult decisions
  • Model effective leadership to others
  • Develop others in their role, and for future roles
  • Seek input from others prior to making decisions
  • Act with integrity and accept accountability
  • Uphold the standards of the profession
  • Be consistent in our behavior and interactions
  • Maintain a positive attitude
  • Strive for continuous improvement
  • Be on time and be prepared
  • Complete quality work
  • Dress according to divisional and university standards