Letter from the President:        

Dear Students:

We are delighted that you have chosen to Go West and become part of the dynamic community at the University of West Georgia.

There are many reasons why one might choose UWG; among them are great academics, vibrant student life, tremendous value and wonderful location.

But whatever your reason, you can be sure that you are getting an outstanding opportunity to explore, discover and learn, about yourself and the world around you.

We have a faculty and staff who work every day to provide a caring environment for all students.  That commitment sets us apart from most other institutions and creates an excellent setting for learning.  In fact, the university's senior faculty and top administrators, including deans and me, teach courses every year, demonstrating our personal dedication to our students.

While we are doing and will continue to do our part, you must do yours - you are the driver of your success; the rest of us will simply help you to succeed, if you are committed in word and deed to your own success. The rewards of graduation are many and are well worth the journey. Resolve today that you will graduate and graduate well.

UWG is a strong, diverse institution that values independent perspective and growth.  You'll be challenged and you'll be given many opportunities for success.

In this handbook, you'll find a description of policies and procedures that are intended to protect and assist all students.

Please make yourself familiar with these policies so that you may have a productive stay at UWG. In closing, I suggest that you fully immerse yourself in the academic community we have built, and help us develop the student goals and aspirations we can attain.

The many curricular activities at UWG will allow you to connect with people and do amazing things.  That's what happens when you Go West.

We wish you great success at the University of West Georgia.


Dr. Kyle Marrero, President 2013-2019