Fall 2020 First-Year Seminar Topics

Course Title Instructor
Native Americans in Fiction & Fact Kathleen Barrett 
Love Makes a Family  Brittney Barron
Dream Big: Engineering & Science  Sharmistha Basu-Dutt
Stress Management & Healthy Coping  David Biber 
Sexual Health & Wellness  Kimberly Bingham 
Health & Wellness in Film  Jamie Brandenburg 
Friendship & Dating in College  Ryan Bronkema 
How Geology Shapes Society  Marian Buzon
Television & American Culture  Amanda Campbell 
WDYKA Creative Writing  Katherine Chaple 
World of Higher Education  Rahmel Cowen
A Passion for Nursing  Kala Crobarger
WDYKA Nursing  Holly Dever 
WDYKA: Being a World Traveler  Maria-Elena Doyle
Americans & Their Government  Sheikh Drammeh
Smart Classrooms & All in Higher Ed AnneMarie Eades
Wut u txt & y: Language Forms Claire Ezekiel 
Creative Design & Digital World  Rolanda Farmer 
College Ethics  Joe Fernander
Chemicals that Changed History  Anne Parker-Gaquere
WDYKA Nursing  Lisa Gazan 
Personality & Career Exploration  Anna Graham
Mr. Rogers: Won't You Be My Neighbor Katherine Green 
Vampires: Myths, Legends, & Folklore  Vicki Griffin 
Livin' in the South  Jenna Harte 
WDYKA: Folklore  Jonathan Hendrix 
WDYKA AAMI?  Michael Hester 
What Can I Do With A Major in...?  Ian Houston 
Singing for Social Change Emily Hunt 
Walking Dead & Surviving  Shawn Isaacs
Decades: Seen Through Movies  Kris Jackson 
Advocacy & Leadership  Sarah Jones 
WDYKA Sources of Energy  Farooq Khan 
WDYKA Worlds of Music   Elizabeth Kramer
Oh, The Thinks You Can Think!  Juli Larson 
The Death Penalty  Gavin Lee 
WDYKA Multicultural Achievement  Ashely Lewis 
#YOLO- You Only Live Once  Hailey Macke 
Discovering Careers in Biology  Mautusi Mitra 
Sports Movies & Their Impact  Robert Morris 
The Hunger Games & Politics of Food  Pamela Murphy 
Sports in Film  Jennifer Pecoraro 
#adulting  Terrie Ponder 
Queer Film  Richard Primuth 
Navigating Gender & Race Issues  Natasha Ramsay-Jordan 
WDYKA The Office  Nichole Ray 
Walt Disney & The American Culture  Clint Samples 
WDYKA Film  Joshua Sewell 
Bias & Media  Amanda Shoemake 
Food & Culture in Japan  Maria Shurant 
Witches, Fairies, Sorcerers (Oh My!) Kathleen Skott-Myhre 
Business at Newman  Staff 
Wandering: Search for Identity  Julie Steed 
Identitiy in American Cinema  Duane Theobald 
Local Law and Resources  Cassie White 
WDYKA Theater and Entertainment  Shelly Elman 

Fall 2020 First-Year Seminar Topics

  • Course Title: Native Americans in Fiction & Fact
    Instructor: Kathleen Barrett 

  • Course Title: Love Makes a Family 
    Instructor: Brittney Barron

  • Course Title: Dream Big: Engineering & Science 
    Instructor: Sharmistha Basu-Dutt

  • Course Title: Stress Management & Healthy Coping 
    Instructor: David Biber 

  • Course Title: Sexual Health & Wellness 
    Instructor: Kimberly Bingham 

  • Course Title: Health & Wellness in Film 
    Instructor: Jamie Brandenburg 

  • Course Title: Friendship & Dating in College 
    Instructor: Ryan Bronkema 

  • Course Title: How Geology Shapes Society 
    Instructor: Marian Buzon

  • Course Title: Television & American Culture 
    Instructor: Amanda Campbell 

  • Course Title: WDYKA Creative Writing 
    Instructor: Katherine Chaple 

  • Course Title: World of Higher Education 
    Instructor: Rahmel Cowen

  • Course Title: A Passion for Nursing 
    Instructor: Kala Crobarger

  • Course Title: WDYKA Nursing 
    Instructor: Holly Dever 

  • Course Title: WDYKA: Being a World Traveler 
    Instructor: Maria-Elena Doyle

  • Course Title: Americans & Their Government 
    Instructor: Sheikh Drammeh

  • Course Title: Smart Classrooms & All in Higher Ed
    Instructor: AnneMarie Eades

  • Course Title: Wut u txt & y: Language Forms
    Instructor: Claire Ezekiel 

  • Course Title: Creative Design & Digital World 
    Instructor: Rolanda Farmer 

  • Course Title: College Ethics 
    Instructor: Joe Fernander

  • Course Title: Chemicals that Changed History 
    Instructor: Anne Parker-Gaquere

  • Course Title: WDYKA Nursing 
    Instructor: Lisa Gazan 

  • Course Title: Personality & Career Exploration 
    Instructor: Anna Graham

  • Course Title: Mr. Rogers: Won't You Be My Neighbor
    Instructor: Katherine Green 

  • Course Title: Vampires: Myths, Legends, & Folklore 
    Instructor: Vicki Griffin 

  • Course Title: Livin' in the South 
    Instructor: Jenna Harte 

  • Course Title: WDYKA: Folklore 
    Instructor: Jonathan Hendrix 

  • Course Title: WDYKA AAMI? 
    Instructor: Michael Hester 

  • Course Title: What Can I Do With A Major in...? 
    Instructor: Ian Houston 

  • Course Title: Singing for Social Change
    Instructor: Emily Hunt 

  • Course Title: Walking Dead & Surviving 
    Instructor: Shawn Isaacs

  • Course Title: Decades: Seen Through Movies 
    Instructor: Kris Jackson 

  • Course Title: Advocacy & Leadership 
    Instructor: Sarah Jones 

  • Course Title: WDYKA Sources of Energy 
    Instructor: Farooq Khan 

  • Course Title: WDYKA Worlds of Music  
    Instructor: Elizabeth Kramer

  • Course Title: Oh, The Thinks You Can Think! 
    Instructor: Juli Larson 

  • Course Title: The Death Penalty 
    Instructor: Gavin Lee 

  • Course Title: WDYKA Multicultural Achievement 
    Instructor: Ashely Lewis 

  • Course Title: #YOLO- You Only Live Once 
    Instructor: Hailey Macke 

  • Course Title: Discovering Careers in Biology 
    Instructor: Mautusi Mitra 

  • Course Title: Sports Movies & Their Impact 
    Instructor: Robert Morris 

  • Course Title: The Hunger Games & Politics of Food 
    Instructor: Pamela Murphy 

  • Course Title: Sports in Film 
    Instructor: Jennifer Pecoraro 

  • Course Title: #adulting 
    Instructor: Terrie Ponder 

  • Course Title: Queer Film 
    Instructor: Richard Primuth 

  • Course Title: Navigating Gender & Race Issues 
    Instructor: Natasha Ramsay-Jordan 

  • Course Title: WDYKA The Office 
    Instructor: Nichole Ray 

  • Course Title: Walt Disney & The American Culture 
    Instructor: Clint Samples 

  • Course Title: WDYKA Film 
    Instructor: Joshua Sewell 

  • Course Title: Bias & Media 
    Instructor: Amanda Shoemake 

  • Course Title: Food & Culture in Japan 
    Instructor: Maria Shurant 

  • Course Title: Witches, Fairies, Sorcerers (Oh My!)
    Instructor: Kathleen Skott-Myhre 

  • Course Title: Business at Newman 
    Instructor: Staff 

  • Course Title: Wandering: Search for Identity 
    Instructor: Julie Steed 

  • Course Title: Identitiy in American Cinema 
    Instructor: Duane Theobald 

  • Course Title: Local Law and Resources 
    Instructor: Cassie White 

  • Course Title: WDYKA Theater and Entertainment 
    Instructor: Shelly Elman