Purpose:  to advise the Senior Diversity Officer; to advise the Center for Diversity and Inclusion; to advise on issues of internationalization; to advise and consult regarding adherence to Title IX requirements; to advise on incorporating diversity and inclusion into curricula as appropriate. One member of the committee will represent Faculty Senate on the Education Abroad Advisory Council. It is also recommended that a member of this committee serve on other related committees across campus, e.g.  Presidential Committee on Campus Inclusion.

Membership:  three senators; seven faculty, one elected from each of the five colleges (COSM, COSS, COAH, RCOB, COE), the School of Nursing, and the Library; four administrators:  the University General Counsel; one appointed by the Director of International Student Admissions and Programs; one appointed by the Provost; one appointed by the Senior Diversity Officer; and one student, appointed by SGA (Total: 15)