Director of Photography & Video


Steven joined UCM (then Public Relations) in November 1989. Since then, he has been instrumental in capturing the essence of UWG through the camera lens. His primary responsibilities include still photography and video production, as well as supervising two full-time staff photographers and the Event Production team. His long tenure at UWG has provided him a broad range of experience and a springboard to support future marketing and branding initiatives. His mission is to advance the perception of UWG through visual imagery and communications.

According to Steven, "Being the photographer for West Georgia all of these years has provided me a unique perspective. Seeing through the camera's lens, I have been witness to many thousands of its proudest moments - and thankfully - only a handful of its most tragic. But even in those challenging moments, the best of UWG has been evident. I'm proud to have been able to capture all of those 'best moments'."

Steven is also an instructor of photography with the UWG Continuing Education department - something he's enjoyed since 1995. Through these classes he has helped hundreds of students to better understand their cameras, composition, and subject matter.

Apart from his work at UWG, Steven's area of interest lies in the history of photography and how it has enabled people to document their own "personal histories." To that end, he has a vast collection of cameras - many of which reflect significant steps in the evolution of the camera. He also collects film negatives and glass plates - some of which date back to the late 1800s - and regularly posts them to Instagram (and Twitter) under VintageCameraDigest.  You can also follow his work regarding the cameras on the Vintage Camera Digest blog.

Education / Degrees

  • B.A., Philosophy, University of West Georgia, 1989
  • M.Ed., Guidance and Counseling, University of West Georgia, 1993
  • Skills and Resources


    With more than three decades of experience, UWG Director of Photography and Video Steven Broome has been instrumental in capturing the essence of UWG through the camera lens. He shares that knowledge with beginner and intermediate photographers.

    History of Photography / Evolution of Photography

    The evolution of photography over the last 200 years has brought us to the current generation of smart phones and selfies. What we take so easily for granted now was a luxury one hundred years ago. George Eastman and his Kodak camera could arguably be one of the most important inventions of mankind. The role it played by making photography accessible to every family can not be understated. It changed the way we, as human beings, document our lives and preserve the vernacular history.

  • Other Information

    Instructor, UWG Continuing Education

    I have taught photography courses through UWG Continuing Education since 1995.