Our team of photographers works hard to tell UWG’s stories through dynamic imagery.

Photography & Video

The primary directives of the Photography and Video team are creating imagery that: 1) advances the image of the university through external communication; 2) supports UWG’s imperative to attract “right fit” students who will choose UWG as a top-choice institution,;and 3) supports campus initiatives to ensure students’ success.

While the majority of our work goes to support projects that are internally generated by UCM, we prioritize outside requests as follows:

  1. Key university-wide initiatives that support the strategic goals of UWG
  2. Official UWG portraiture
  3. Special projects

Outside requests will be scheduled on a first-come first-served basis, although priority projects may still take precedence.

Projects/events that don’t pertain to the external promotion of UWG are generally not covered. Examples of this would be internal celebrations, banquets, retirement receptions, informal or non-university sponsored events, meetings, and trainings.

Official UWG Portraiture

Keeping your faculty/staff directory information current is critical for a successful web directory. Therefore, we maintain an in-house studio where faculty and staff can have their official UWG directory photographs made or updated. We set aside two days - first Thursday, and third Wednesday - each month to accomplish this. Appointments are required, so complete the Request for UCM Services form to schedule a session. If you have questions about scheduling a session for yourself - or your entire department - contact Steven Broome.

The Photography Studio is located directly beside the Design Studio on Maple Street.

UCM Request Form

UWG Stock Photography

While the majority of our work originates to support UCM initiatives, we still like to share our best shots with the rest of campus. We maintain an online stock gallery where UWG users can download full-resolution photos to support their campus and departmental projects. You may request a current password by contacting Steven Broome from your westga.edu email address. Password requests that originate outside of UWG can not be accommodated.

UWG Stock Photos - Smugmug