UWG is transitioning to the New Events Calendar. Please reach out to the Web Editor assigned to your organization to enter September 2022 and forward events to the new calendar. At this time, we accept submissions for events happening up until the last day of August 2022 via the "Submit an Event" form. 

The UWG Events Calendar provides a centralized calendar system to promote university events online.

Before submitting events to the calendar, please review the Rules for Submitting Events and How-To guides below. Please contact the UCM Web Services team via our Wrike Form if you need assistance with the event submission process.


  • Rules for Submitting Events
    • Events listed on the UWG Events Calendar must be hosted or sponsored by UWG. These include, events hosted by one of its colleges, departments, programs, or events sponsored by a registered student organization.
    • Event submissions will be approved by the end of the next business day. Please keep this in mind when submitting events. 
    • The room reservation request is NOT a part of your event submission. Please refer to facility reservation information to learn how to reserve a space for an event.
    • If you need to change information associated with an event submission, please submit a help request via our Wrike Form. Be sure to include identifying information regarding the event along with what changes need to be made. 
  • How to Submit Events
    1. Navigate to the Submit Event Page - To submit an event to the calendar, you will need to fill out our web form. 
    2. Input your Contact Information - The Name and Email fields are required so that the Web Services team has a contact in case there is information that needs to be changed on the event. 
    3. Input the Title of the event - The Title of the event should be specific but not repeat information that will be covered by the Description.
    4. Input the Description of the event - The Description should provide a detailed overview of the event. Please use proper grammar and punctuation where necessary.
    5. Input the Date & Time of the event - Set the date of the event, along with the start and end times. If the event does not have an end time, please check the "No End Time" box. If the event lasts all day, please check the "Override Times" box. If the event is recurring, please review the steps below (otherwise, skip to step 6):
      1. If your event is recurring, check the "Create Recurring Event" box. 
      2. Set the recurrence to daily, weekly, or monthly, based upon the event. 
      3. Set the Daily Options if necessary. 
      4. Set a "Recurs Until" date.
      5. Click the "Click Here to Confirm Dates" button to set your recurrence period. 
    6. Input the Location Information of the event - Search for the location of the event. If your event location is not in our system, please select the location "Location TBA" and include your desired location's name and address in the Message For Administrator field at the end of the form. There is a location titled "Virtual Event" for events that are held virtually.
    7. Does your event require Registration? If yes, please review the steps below. If no, skip to step 8.
      1. To set up RSVP's, set the "Registration" field to "Accept RSVP's For This Event". Please note that RSVP emails will be sent to the Event Contact set at the end of the form. 
      2. Set the RSVP Limit. If there is no limit, leave the field as "0".
      3. Set the RSVP Open Date and RSVP Close Date. 
    8. Set your Event Category - Please select UP TO 3 top level categories that apply to your event. If your event applies to a specific sub category such as "Academics - College of Education", please mention so in the Message for Administrator section at the end of the form.
    9. Input the Event Contact Information of the event - A contact is required for all events, with name, email, and phone number being required fields. If there is not a specific individual contact, please input the contact information of the department sponsoring the event. 
    10. Message for Administrator - Please list the sponsoring department of the event. This will assist in setting subcategories to the event. This field is also for notifying the calendar administrator of any specific details regarding the event that may not be present previously in the form.
  • Tips for Submitting Events
    • Keep your event name short, yet descriptive.
    • Include details in the Description field such as what to expect at the event, including any potential attendance policies. 
    • Please refrain from excessive styling and use plain text whenever possible within the Description field. 
    • To help your event stand out, you may want to consider associating your event with at least one of the main categories (Campus Life, Sports, Arts, Alumni, Community, Faculty & Staff). Please refrain from associating your event with every category. Only choose two to three categories your event is associated with.
    • For events that span multiple days, please list all relevant dates within the description.
      • If there are events that require attendance of all days, such as trainings/classes, please set the initial date/time only and include all additional date/times within the event description.