A Retrospective of the Presidency of Dr. Beheruz N. Sethna: Celebrating 19 Years, 1994 - 2013


Dr. Beheruz N. Sethna, President Emeritus (President of UWG, 1994-2013)

Dear Students, Colleagues, and Visitors to this UWG Website,

After 19 wonderful and exhilarating years, I have recently retired from the position of President of this great institution. It was my pleasure and honor to be the last President of West Georgia College (1994-96), the first and only President of the State University of West Georgia (1996-2005), and the first President of The University of West Georgia (2005-2013).

Thanks primarily to the work of outstanding colleagues, great students and alumni, and wonderful friends and supporters, together we accomplished a great deal – during the past 19 years, the institution:

  • acquired University status (1996)
  • achieved designation as a member of a robust tier of doctoral comprehensive universities (2007) which led to the designation of Regional Comprehensive University in August of 2013
  • started Georgia's first Advanced Academy for exceptionally-gifted high school students (1995)
  • increased admission standards significantly: increased the average entering SAT scores significantly, reduced the number of deficiency areas to zero; reduced the percentage of the entering class on learning support from > 50% to ~ 0.5%; ~ 75-80 percent of the entering 1994 Freshman class being ineligible for admission by current standards
  • increased in FTE student size by ~50 percent, with significant increases in admission standards
  • awarded more degrees than every other presidential administration combined in 107-year history
  • added more square footage than every other presidential administration combined
  • increased capital projects funded/approved by almost one third of a billion dollars
  • increased its endowment by more than ten times the size of its level in Summer, 1994
  • obtained its first major endowment (its largest gift) to name a College
  • obtained its first endowed chair, and awarded its first honorary doctorates,
  • obtained approval for, and started, its first four doctoral programs, and awarded first doctorates
  • obtained approval for, and created, Georgia's first and only Honors College (1999)
  • earned national accreditation and re-accreditation for all eligible programs
  • in the field of academic debate: won two consecutive national championships in (CEDA), qualified for the NDT for the 37th consecutive year, won the UC-Berkeley Invitational, beating Dartmouth, Northwestern, and Harvard in unanimous decisions
  • achieved national dominance in Honors student research competitions in eight out of 15 years,
  • developed and implemented three major strategic plans with campus-wide participation,
  • completed two comprehensive Facilities Master Plans, with major campus improvements,
  • documented a rationale for, and obtained approval for, a change in Founding Date.

Presidents don’t do these things on their own – certainly, this President did not! You did it, and I am grateful.

I am continuing on the faculty of UWG. The Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia has given me the signal honor of being named a Regents’ Professor, and I serve under that title with gratitude and humility.

Before I close, let me give three rousing cheers for, and to, Dr. Kyle Marrero, our new President. He is an outstanding individual and will do a great job leading UWG to the next stage in its trajectory. I am honored to serve under him and delighted to continue to serve the students of The University of West Georgia.


Beheruz N. Sethna, Ph.D., C.C.P.
President Emeritus
Regents’ Professor
The University of West Georgia

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