Alexander Hovanec has created some infographics that succinctly illuminate different aspects of writing.

The Writing Process

[Image information] The Writing Process: Start to Finish. (1) The Thinking Phase. Active reading: think about what the author is trying to say. Note-taking: decipher what information to utilize when writing. Understanding: understand and meet the assignment criteria. (2) Brainstorm. (3) Develop a thesis: clearly and concisely state your main argument. (4) Find evidence: integrate primary sources into your writing. (5) Revise and Edit.


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[Image information] Plagiarism: What is it, and how to avoid it? Copying or borrowing another’s original ideas and/or words; including material in your essay that is not specifically cited; collaborative work from another student willfully or otherwise; failure, suspension, or expulsion are some penalties for plagiarism. Play it safe – cite your sources.


For more information, please check out our page on Plagiarism.