Frequently-Asked Questions about the University Writing Center (UWC)

The Basics

Why should I come to the University Writing Center (UWC)?

The UWC helps students improve their writing skills from any class, because it is an extension of the classroom setting. 

Who can utilize the UWC?

Any student registered and enrolled at UWG for the current semester as well as UWG Staff can use the University Writing Center.

Where is the UWC?

The UWC is located in TLC, room 1201. 

If you are not familiar with the TLC building, just look for the mural (see below).



Are appointments required?

Yes, we cannot guarantee that walk-ins will be able to see a tutor.

How does one go about making an appointment?

Call us at  (678) 839-6513, email us at, or stop by at TLC, room 1201.

What happens during an appointment?

The student's concerns and questions will be answered by a tutor during a 30-minute session.

How many appointments a week can a student schedule?

Three appointments in one week is the limit.

What should a student bring to an appointment?

The prompt/directions for the writing assignment as well as any amount of writing completed. 

Writing Help

What types of writing does the UWC help with?

We can help students from any discipline with any writing concern or issue.

Does the UWC offer group sessions?

No, we do not offer group sessions.

Can the UWC help with citations?

Yes, we can. MLA is the citation style most familiar to the tutors, but they can also help with APA and Chicago.

Can the UWC help with grammar?

Yes, but we do not proofread or edit essays.

What if English is not my first language or I have a documented learning disability?

You may schedule an hour appointment, so you have extra time to cover your writing concerns. 


Who will lead the appointment?

An English professor, graduate, or student assistant.

Can I request a particular consultant?


Will my professor know that I have come to the UWC?

Yes, they have access to our system, but you should also ask for a verification slip before leaving the UWC.

What happens if campus closes due to weather or other events?

If campus is closed for any reason, we are closed.