The Writing Center is an extension of the classroom. 

Any currently enrolled student at the University of West Georgia. 

Students meet with either English professors, grad students, or student assistants.

The student's concerns and questions will be answered by a tutor.

No, entire classes will greatly strain our resources. 

We can provide a verification slip to the student to verify an appointment.

Unfortunately, we do not provide proofreading or editing services. Students can, however, receive help with any type of writing concern or issue from one of our tutors.

Yes, we can help with citations. MLA is the citation style most familiar to the tutors, but they can also help with APA and Chicago.

The UWC now offer asynchronousus tutoring through CourseDen.

We do not offer group sessions; however, a representative from the group can sit down with a tutor to go over any writing concerns.

Tutors in the UWC are not responsible for the quality of the student's final work.

Yes, we can. Please email to set up a class visit.

Yes, the University Writing Center is a recognized member of the Southeastern Writing Center Association (SWCA).