International Student Admissions and Programs (ISAP) provides unique services to assist both international students as well as faculty and staff on campus. Below is a helpful summary. 

 ISAP Scope of Service

  • Recruit and admit international students to the University of West Georgia
  • Issue immigration form I-20 and DS-2019 to international students after academic admission to UWG 
  • Verify proper international student enrollment to comply with federal regulations each term 
  • Report immigration compliance to federal agencies via SEVIS (Student Exchange Visitor Information System) 
  • Advise international students with F1 / J1 visas on immigration regulations, procedures and benefits
  • Advise international students on employment options in the U.S. including on-campus jobs, and off-campus internships and work authorization
  • Assists students with adjusting to culture shock and adapting to college in the USA, including referrals to appropriate campus resources 
  • Provide annual income tax information and a workshop on the general process of using Sprintax software to prepare required tax forms 
  • Sponsor and collaborate on events for both domestic and international students to facilitate high-impact, cross-cultural education
  • Develop workshops and participate in professional development initiatives on and off-campus for faculty and staff to better understand ISAP's scope and mission 

ISAP Cannot:

  • Issue visas. By definition, visas are only issued by American embassies and consulates outside the U.S. 
  • Contact Embassies and Consulates to expedite visa applications or follow up on visa denials.
  • Provide legal advice to employers of international student. ISAP can help explain regulations and benefits of the F1 / J1 categories. 
  • Provide academic advising on classes, schedules, or degree requirements. 
  • Deport students. ISAP reports and updates information in SEVIS and replies to inquiries from law enforecement agencies as required.
  • Create immigration policy. ISAP helps to ensure complaince of current immigration regulations at the state and federal level.