On-Campus Housing Options

Living on campus is the sure way to be close to everything our campus has to offer. You're a quick walk away from classrooms, meeting places, campus recreation and dining facilities. Plus, you're guaranteed comfortable living accommodations and a residence hall staff whose number one job is to help you! The Housing and Residence Life program at UWG provides comfortable housing, academic support, and opportunities that challenge student residents to succeed. We also provide educational and social opportunities and strive to make living on campus a positive and memorable experience. 

After being admitted into UWG, your next step should be to complete the Housing Contract. The contract can be accessed through logging in to your myUWG portal and clicking on external resources. From there, you will select the StarRez portal to access and complete the your Housing Contract. Room assignments are selected on a first come, first serve basis. If you have already been admitted, complete your housing contract today!  


  • Freshman Requirement
    Freshman Requirement

    University of West Georgia requires all freshmen to reside on campus unless they are married or living with parents, at their permanent address, within an approved commuting town. This policy applies to all students entering University of West Georgia and remains in effect until completion of two (2) semesters of residence or thirty (30) semester hours of academic work.

    Waivers of the residency requirement are required for all freshman students who do not wish to reside on campus.

    The following categories of freshman students will be exempt from the residency requirement following verification of their status:

    • 21 years of age
    • Marriage – certified copy of marriage license required for students under 21
    • Independent financial status – Must provide supporting documentation

    For more information and the waiver form, visit the Housing & Residence Life Website


Off-Campus Housing Options

Students may also elect to live off campus for various reasons. Our office encourages each student to fully research off campus housing if the are eligible for that option.

  • Signing a rental contract, also known as "a lease" is a legal contract.
  • You are responsible the terms of that contract until its end date.
  • For assistance in understanding the language on a lease, ISAP can help if your show us a copy before signing! 

UWG maintains a list of recognized housing partners here. 

Please note that this is not an recommendation or endorsement of off campus housing communities. It's provided as information only in order to help with your decision making. 

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